Cheapest But Quality Samsung Accessories In Ghana

Cheapest But Quality Samsung Accessories In Ghana. Samsung is one of the world’s leading producers of smartphones and general electronic devices and accessories. From TV sets to Fridges, Microwave ovens and speakers, Samsung has them all. Owning a Samsung device is not just a symbol of pride but also gives you lasting value for money. … Read more

Samsung Note 10 Price And Specification In Ghana

A 2019 Samsung phone which gives you high-quality display and the strong battery is all you need if you can’t afford a 2020 one. Samsung Note 10 is a high-end Samsung device worth buying. If you are looking for a strong battery, good camera, nice display and broad screen size, then this might be yours. … Read more

Samsung Galaxy J7 Specifications And Price In Ghana

The Samsung Galaxy J7 is a relatively older version of the Samsung Galaxy Series. The Samsung Galaxy J7 also known as Samsung J7 was announced in June 2015 and officially released in July 2015. The phone comes in four models.  J700F model for India and Thailand. The  J700M model for Latin America and Brazil, the … Read more

Samsung A50 Specifications And Price In Ghana

Announced in the early days of February 2019 and properly released in March 2019, the Samsung A50 is one of Samsung’s numerous smartphones. This phone has about 10 different versions. The SM-A505FN/DS for worldwide consumption, the  SM-A505GN/DS for APAC, the SM-A505FM/DS for Russia, the SM-A505YN for Australia and Newzealand, the SM-A505W for Canada, the SM-A505GT/DS … Read more

Samsung Galaxy A70 Specifications And Price In Ghana

The Samsung Galaxy A70 was first announced in March 2019 and released officially on 1st May 2019. This phone hs received massive applause for its heavy battery capacity and awesome camera quality. With body dimensions of 6.47 x 3.02 x 0.31 inches, the A70 is a large model. However, it weighs just 183g. It comes … Read more

Samsung Note 8 Price And Specification In Ghana

If you fancy bigger phones and you are a Samsusng freak, then the Samsung Note 8 is yours. Announced in August 2017 and released in September, the Samsung Note 8 is a medium-end smart phone. It is also called the Samsung Galaxy Note 8. The Samsung Note 8 comes in four different versions. The N950F, … Read more

How To Spot Fake Samsung Smartphones

There are so many fake samsung smartphones on the market right now compared to the genuine or original ones. I will give you simple guides to identify the original ones. Samsung has been one of the leading brands in the smartphone market. Being at the top of the list means lots of competition to beat. … Read more

Samsung Galaxy S20 Price And Specification In Ghana

Despite the insurgence of the COVID-19 Pandemic, numerous phones were still released in 2020. The Samsung Galaxy S20 is one of the heavyweight smartphones released this year. The Samsung Galaxy S20 is a luxurious smartphone from the world’s leading smartphone company. The phone was announced in February 2020 and released a month on. With a … Read more