ExpressPay Review: Why I Chose ExpressPay

ExpressPay has been in the system for sometime now. When I say ExpressPay, I know most of you wonder what it is all about.

What you need to know about expressPay

ExpressPay is an eCommerce market place and Payment gateway. As a payment gateway, expressPay process Master card, Visa, Discover, etc.  Apart from that, they give you a simple interface that allows you to topup airtime or pay internet bills for all the telco companies in Ghana.
ExpressPay’s simple interface also allows you to pay your utility bills from the comfort of your home using your Visa/Master Card or mobile wallet.
You can also send payment from your Visa/Master Card to any mobile wallet using the expressPay system.

My Experience With expressPay

I have personally used expressPay in many ways. I have been using expressPay for roughly a year now and I have gone beyond the testing level to a die hard customer.
I always use expressPay to pay for my surfline internet bills. I have cashout money from my Visa Card using expressPay. I have lost count of even the number of times I have used my Visa Card to topup my MTN airtime through expressPay’s system but I could remember toping up at 1AM using expressPay.
I have sent mobile wallet payment using expressPay over hundred times.
What really boosts my moral a lot is the fact that I can do everything from the comfort of my bed and the system is really fast. If I make a transfer, within few seconds I get my success message.

Few Problems I have With expressPay

In every room where there is light, there is still a small portion that is covered by a dark shadow.  My biggest problem is that expressPay doesn’t have a system that allows cashing out from PayPal directly.

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My next problem is API. I wish expressPay could get an  API for web developers to integrate into their online stores for easy payment.
I have browsed through all their systems without finding any thing on API settings.

Why You Don’t Have To Be Afraid

A lot of people are afraid of using online payment systems due to lack of trust. The question is, why should I be afraid when I know where to locate them and who to arrest?
expressPay can never scam you or I because I know where they are. You will find them here >>>>> 125 Atomic Road, Haatso. P.O. Box CT9874, Cantonments, Ghana


I strongly recommend expressPay. It is very good to do all your transaction from the comfort of your bed.
Avoid joining long queus in banks by using the expressPay app. It is free to download. You can visit their site to sign up for free.

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