How To Install Windows 10 On iLife ZED Air Pro G

If you landed on this page then you are finding it difficult running a Windows Operating System on your iLife ZED Air laptop or you are probably just interested in the topic.

iLife ZED laptops are one of the complicated laptops on the market right now. Even though they are very complicated, most people are interested and are patronizing because of the amazing design and its weightless feature. 

The laptop is made with a lot of modernized technology in mind. This makes it difficult and complicated for the traditional Windows installation procedures to work.

This laptop is made with internal SSD, internal RAM and Internal CPU. There is no single detachable chip-set on the ZED Air Laptop motherboard. Everything including bluetooth devices were all made with the board. 

How To Install Windows On ZED Air Laptop

Before you install a new windows version on ZED Air laptop, make sure you have a very good reason before you try it. If you install a different windows from the one that is already on it, you might end up having even more problems.  One problem with ZED laptops is; immediately you upgrade your operating system, most of your device drivers won’t work again and you won’t be able to update them online or using driverpack solutions.

1. First you need a bootable pendrive of the Windows OS you want to run on your laptop.

2. Turn off your laptop, connect your bootable pendrive. 

3. To go to the ZED Air boot menu, press escape as soon as the laptop powers up.

4. The mouse controls work in the boot menu screen so navigate with the mouse pad and click on “Boot Device”.

5. List of boot devices will appear, just click on the name of your pen drive or USB device. 

Note: Your bootable pendrive must be EUFI compatible else the process won’t work.

The installation should start as soon as you go through this procedure but note that after the new installation, it is likely you won’t be able to get some of our device drivers updated again. 

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  1. how can i install windows on my ZED NOTE 14i because i cant install windows using this method even my bootable pen didnt display on bootable menu.

  2. Upon switching on the new machine I tried updating the drivers and during installation of one the laptop crashed and ever since it’s been showing a black screen with a reboot prompt. What should I do?

    • Per your description of the issue, I presume your driver installation was the cause so I will assist you to reset the device. Hit F8/F11 consistently after turning on the device. It will boot into recovery/Repair mode.
      Repair mode
      Your screen should look similar to the image above…
      Click on “Troubleshoot” >>>> “Reset This PC”>>>>> “Remove Everything” and confirm… This will take will take about an hour to complete, but it should resolve the issue.

  3. I’m Successfully Install New Windows 10 But I’m Unable to Install Driver Even I Try Driver Pack but its Also Not Working on My Zed Note 14i.


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