MTN Mobile Money App Officially Available Now

For a very long time some of us have been looking for MTN Mobile Money App so we could do transactions even if we don’t have our number close. Finally MTN has released the MOMO App.

At first MTN released MyMTN App which features only credit details and few other information about your MTN account. Now MTN has included MOMO Services into the MyMTN App features.

MTN Mobile Money App

To be able to access the MTN MoMo app, you must first download the MyMTN App which is available for both Android and iOS. After downloading the app, you will have to register the app with your number before you will be able to use it.

Immediately you start the app, you will be provided with a space to key in your 10 digit phone numbers. Key in your numbers and send.

You will receive an SMS on your number with a ‘One Time Password (OTP)’.

mtn mobile money app3

Check your SMS and enter the OTP into the space provided as shown in image above.

Note: sometimes it could take some minutes for the text to arrive.

After entering the OTP, the app will redirect you to the dashboard as shown in image below.

mtn mobile money app1

On the Dashboard, we have four different Tabs; Airtime, Data, Voice and MoMo.

For you to use your Mobile Money App, click on the ‘MoMo services‘ Tab.

You will be asked to input your Mobile Money Pin code as shown in screenshot below.


After you confirm your password, another OTP will be sent to your mobile number again. Confirm the OTP and the app will redirect you to the MTN Mobile Money App Dashboard. Check Image below.


The app will show your current balance and all the types of transactions you can do from the app dashboard. Instead of using the *170#, you can now use the app for your transactions.

The MyMTN App

While the MoMo service is just part of the MyMTN App, the app also has it’s own functions. The image below shows the app dashboard.

My MTN app

You can simply click on the Menu icon and click “Subscriptions” to check if you have subscribed to any services on MTN.

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In case of a deduction you don’t understand, instead of calling the Call center, you can easily check your call history using the app. If there is something you don’t understand then you can call MTN for clarifications.

Check image below.

To check your call history, just tap on the ‘Airtime balance and it should take you to the image shown above.

You can check your Data usage as well by tapping on “Data” from the main dashboard.


Everything is going digital and MTN is also moving digital at the speed of light. Leave any question or suggestion below and check the “Follow comment” box so that you can get notified if I answer your questions.