WhatsApp Announces A New Tool That Will Help You Free Up Phone Memory

Take note. If your smartphone fills up with the photos or videos that are sent to you by WhatsApp, this new tool will be very helpful.

Developers WhatsApp , the application of most famous instant messaging world, today announced the arrival of a new tool that will be very helpful for users who can now free up memory more easily. What does it consist of? We reveal it to you.

According to El Androide Libre, a portal specialized in technology, the developers of the popular messaging service have redesigned the storage management tool to make it more efficient.

According to the publication, this new function will greatly help those people who have phones with little internal storage capacity that tend to fill up because of the photos, videos and GIFs that are sent by WhatsApp .

Thanks to the new tool, which will be gradually reaching all users, it will be possible to know which files take up a lot of space , as well as those that have been forwarded many times.

In order not to delete a multimedia file by accident, the new WhatsApp tool shows a thumbnail of the photo or video that is taking up too much space on your cell phone.

Where will it be found?

Finding this new WhatsApp function is very simple, we will simply have to enter the ‘ Settings ‘, then the ‘ Data and storage ‘ option and finally ‘ Storage manager ‘.

Messages that self-destruct

It is worth remembering that it has not been the only novelty that has just been included by the developers. Through their website , it was revealed that very soon we will be able to start using temporary messages .

Unlike traditional messages, these types of messages (which will reach iPhone and Android ) will be automatically deleted after seven days, even if they have not been opened.

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