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5 Reasons Why I Don’t Use Third-party Antivirus Software

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Third-party Antivirus is one of the software that most people rely on for both their offline and online data protection.

There are few things I would like to ask;

‘Do you know the antivirus you use takes over your entire system’s security?’

‘Do you know how the antivirus you are using is programmed to work?’

Over the many years that I have grown to know computer including how software programming works, I have realized few things being the reason why I have not be using any third-party antivirus software for the past few years.

Here are 5 reasons why I don’t use any third-party antivirus.

1 .There is antivirus in the major operating systems already.

Both you and I will testify that the operating systems being used by majority of computer users are the Microsoft Windows and Mac OS.

These major operating systems already come with antivirus pre-installed so there is no need adding up any other.

Windows Defender for Microsoft Windows and XProtect for the Mac OS.

2. Gives easy access to hackers

I prefer not to use third-party antivirus software because of how they are programmed to work. The antivirus is programmed to protect your system from data theft.

Immediately you install these antiviruses, they takeover your entire system’s security. For newbies who don’t want to buy but prefer to download cracked versions online are number one victims.

3. Some are bulky, noisy and complicated

I quiet remember trying a third-party antivirus software back in the day and it took me a whole week surfing the software to locate where to go to scan the entire system.

Installing just an antivirus adds up an icon or two to your desktop and one or more to your notification area. Popup notifications every few minutes are inevitable in most of them.

4.Third-party antivirus Slows down your PC performance.

Due to the fact that most of them are bulky, they tend to slowdown PC’s performance. Every antivirus must start with the device and run in the background till the device goes off.

Sometimes as soon as you slot a drive into your PC, they will take over the drive for about 2 to 3 minutes of scanning before you will be able to access the drive.

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5. Deletes important files sometimes.

Most of these thirdparty antivirus sometimes delete important files along with infected files. Most of them regard cracked software as virus.

Some do have a quarantine where you can go to restore your files and whitelist but some do not have any whitelisting feature at all.


This is completely based on my experience using third-party antivirus. We are not the same people and we do not use the same computers so somebody else’s experience could be better than mine.

At the end of the day we only

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