Itel 2160 Specifications And Price In Ghana

The Itel 2160 is one of Itel’s leading 2G GSM feature phones ever released. The phone was announced and released in June 2018. Unlike smartphones which come with numerous specifications and features, the itel 2160 feature phone is rather low on specifications. However, we shall endeavour to bring out the very few specifications relevant to … Read more

All Vodafone Data Bundle Codes In Ghana

All Vodafone Ghana Data Bundle Codes (2021). Contrary to the popular perception amongst Ghanaians, Vodafone is still one of the coolest telcos in the country. With quite a sizeable market share in the Ghanaian Telecom space, Vodafone Ghana stands in as a formidable alternative to MTN. Amongst the numerous services offered by the Telecom giant, … Read more

Itel P51 Specifications And Price In Ghana

The Itel P51 is one of Itel’s superpower phones on the market presently. Its specification of claim is its huge battery capacity. A mouthwatering 5000 mAh battery capacity. It was first announced in November, 2018 and made available soon after in the same month. The Powerful device does come with a 5.5 inches screen which … Read more

Itel A16 Price And Specification In Ghana

Itel A16 Price And Specification In Ghana. Itel’s range of smartphones are quite worth their value for anyone who owns one. The A16’s claim to Glory is its 2050 mAH battery capacity. This is obviously a huge spec for any phone listed within the same value category with the Itel A16. Aside from this huge … Read more

Itel A32 Specifications and Price In Ghana

The Itel A32 is one of the few phones added on the Android market by the Itel company in 2018. The A32 is a cost-effective smartphone which has proven to be a good-buy for anyone seeking to buy a simple phone at a cheap cost. It was first announced and released in December 2018. It … Read more

Itel P12 Specifications And Price In Ghana

Itel’s brilliance in producing world-class smartphones for African customers is verifiable in its wide range of smartphones on the market. Despite the low prices of their phones, they maintain relatively high standards. The Itel P12 is a confirmation of this observation made about the Itel brand. The phone was announced and released in November 2018. … Read more

Itel S15 Full Specifications And Price In Ghana

Itel is one of the leading smartphone producers in Africa and Ghana as a whole. From gradually transitioning from feature-phones to smartphones, Itel has indeed worked on securing a name for its brand in the African space. The Itel S15 is one of Itel’s products released in 2019. It was first announced in August 2019 … Read more

Xiaomi MI 5 Specifications And Price In Ghana

Xiaomi MI 5 is one of the first smartphones to be released by the Xiaomi brand in 2016. It’s a medium-end phone which has qualities that were rarely available on the market as of the time of its release. It was first announced in February 2016 and was released for global purchase in April 2016. … Read more

Xiaomi MI 9 Specifications And Price In Ghana

One of the highly-respected Xiaomi phones currently on the market is the Xiaomi MI 9. The MI 9 is one of the 2019-released Xiaomi phones on the market. It was first announced in February 2019 and was later released in March. The phone has since gone on to receive massive adoption and appreciation from fans … Read more

Redmi Note 7 Price And Specifications In Ghana

The Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 is one of the recent devices in the Redmi Note catalogue. It is an older version to the Redmi Note 8. This phone is a great addition to Xiaomi’s already booming list of medium-end and high-end smartphones. The Redmi Note 7 was announced globally in January 2019 and released on … Read more