Itel 2160 Specifications And Price In Ghana

The Itel 2160 is one of Itel’s leading 2G GSM feature phones ever released. The phone was announced and released in June 2018.

Unlike smartphones which come with numerous specifications and features, the itel 2160 feature phone is rather low on specifications.

However, we shall endeavour to bring out the very few specifications relevant to this phone.

It has body dimensions of 119.3 mm x 49.3mm x 11.2mm and weighs roughly 85g. Its body is built with plastic.

The phone is basically dual-sim. It however has Single-Standby features.

It has a TFT Non-touch display with 65K colours. Its screen is also 1.8 cm wide.

The chipsets and central processing units of this phone are however unknown. And their specifications also unknown.

The Itel 2160’s RAM and Internal memory are estimated at 4MB respectively. The memory space is however expandable with an external memory card of up to 16GB.

It also stores phonebook contacts of up to 1,000 contacts. The Itel 2160 also makes room for call recording which is particularly a good feature for those who need to record their calls for security reasons.

The phone has just one camera. This is the primary or rear camera which as a single lens of 0.3 Megapixels and has a VGA video resolution.

Some other features of the Itel 2160 include Micro USB 2.0, Bluetooth 3.0 and a cool FM Radio.

The phone also has a cool 1,000 mAH removable Lithium-ion battery. Its talk time rating is pegged at 49 hours while the standby is pegged at 20 hours.

Price And Where To Buy In Ghana

For a phone like this, which mostly called an ‘Original yam’ phone in Ghana, once should expect to buy it with a few hundreds of cedis. On the market presently, the Itel 2160 costs between GHS 60 to GHS 100 for the brand new version.

The used version isn’t something one should expect to find on the Ghanaian market. In fact, most ‘yam phones’ are not available as second-hand phones on the market. You can only get the brand new versions.

To see the various variants on the market and which ones cost less, check Jumia.

You may also check out other Itel phones such as Itel A32 or the Itel P51.


Smartphones are very cool because they give you the power to do so many things aside from making calls and sending text messages. They also give you the resources to socialize on your favourite social media sites while taking quality photos and videos with your phone.

You also get to play quality games and enjoy the full-doze of entertainment offered on the internet. But, what if you either can’t afford one or you just don’t like the glitz and glams that come with it?

The obvious option available for you is the acquisition of a ‘Yam phone’. The Itel 2160 is a good example of a feature phone (yam phone) to buy now.

It is quite cheap and comes with all the qualities a good feature phone should have.

If you have any comments, reservations or questions about this article, kindly post a comment below this post and we shall respond to it.

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