Use Dual Whatsapp Accounts On One Phone(No Rooting)

dual whatsapp

Everybody wish to have all their numbers on whatsapp but don’t know how to go about it. Some method came up recently which required root access in order for the dual whatsapp to work.

It also came with a big problem. If you want to launch the other whatsapp, you must reboot your device and you won’t be getting access to boot whatsapp accounts at the same time.

Well! All those frustrations are over now because I have found a new method that will help you use your dual whatsapp accounts on the same phone without having to root or reboot your phone anytime you switch the account.
You can even send a message from one of your account to the other without restriction.

All you have to do is just download a simple app in addition to your whatsapp to have two different whatsapps on the same phone.

follow the simple tutorial.
Note: This tut works only for Android phones, I have not tried it on any other platform. Leave your comment below for any contribution or question.

1. Don’t delete your already active whatsapp
2. Download Dual Whazaap
3. Install and open.
4. Enter your new number, whatsapp will send six(6) digits code to your number for verification.

5. Anytime you want to access your second whatsapp account, just launch Dual Whazaap

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