How to Get Cheap Data Bundles on MTN

Are you looking for some cheap data bundles on MTN? You can get 2GB for as low as GHS 12 and 10GB for as low as GHS 52. It is nonexpiry so you can use it for as long as you want to.

Data bundle on MTN has become quite expensive for most people and that is because most people do not know how to get cheap data bundles.

MTN Ghana actually offers some of the cheapest data bundle packages in Ghana. However, if you don’t know which places to purchase your data bundle, you will find yourself paying more for data.

There are several ways you can get some cheap data bundles and I will give you all the information you need on that.

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How to Get Cheap Data Bundles on MTN

There are many ways you can get cheap data bundles to use. Below are some of the ways you can easily get an MTN bundle for a cheaper price.

If you want some cheap bundles on other networks, you can also check out how to get a free data bundle on Vodafone Ghana.

1. MTN Discounted data bundles

MTN Ghana offers some discounted data bundles. These data bundles come at discounted prices so you get it cheaper than the normal.

  • MTN Zone Data
    One of the common discounted data bundles is the MTN Zone Data. MTN Zone itself is a call plan that uses your location to discount your calls. The same applies to the Zone Data. It uses your location to discount the amount of data you are purchasing.
    You can access the MTN Zone Bundles using *135#. Even though the discounts have been re-adjusted recently, it is still the best compared to the bundles you get using *138#.
  • Loyalty Data
    The MTN loyalty bonus is a feature on MTN that helps you accumulate points based on your usage. If you have more points, you can use them to redeem data bundles, airtime, or shopping discounts.
    All these are completely free. If you want to learn more read my previous article about how to get a free data bundle on MTN.
  • MTN Just4U
    *141# is one of the most common MTN Short codes among MTN users. This offers data bundles that are personalized for every customer. These offers can be different for everyone so you only purchase what you have after dialing the shortcode.

These are some of the MTN discounted data bundles you should be looking out for. You can also check out All MTN Ghana Data bundles from an earlier article I wrote.

2. Third-Party sellers

If you really want some cheap data bundles on MTN, then you should try third-party sellers. There are third-party sellers that offer some cheap data bundles on MTN.

Even though some of these sellers might not be trustworthy, there are some trusted ones.

If you want to purchase some of these data bundles, you can join the SLiM Digital WhatsApp group and you should be able to learn about these bundles.

SLiM Digital sells airtime and data bundle for all networks. The company also provides other digital services including social media marketing, graphics and website designing, WAEC and WASSCE voucher sales, DSTV and GoTV payments, etc.

3. Use Fibre Broadband

If you are a heavy internet user, then you should consider using MTN Fibre Broadband. You can only get some of the cheapest data bundles on MTN from Fibre Broadband.

If you do not have Fibre optic cables in your area, you can opt for the MTN Turbonet router. It is a wireless version of the Fibre Broadband. Even though MTN recently increased the MTN Fibre Broadband and Turbonet data bundle prices, they are still better than the regular data we purchase.

Check your data bundle usage

Buying cheap data bundles on MTN is one of the best ways to get more data for less money. But your data usage habits can cause you even more.

If you do not know how to manage your data bundle well, you will end up using more data than you are supposed to. In most cases, some people do allow apps that they do not use to run in the background. This causes your phone to consume more data than intended.

Learn how to manage your data bundles and you won’t have much to worry about.


If you want some cheap data bundles on MTN, then the above are the ways you can easily get some. While third-party purchases might be a viable option, make sure you know exactly what you want.

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