How To Download Videos From YouTube On Your Mobile Phone

Have you ever tried downloading videos on your phone with the YouTube app? Did you notice it’s not possible?

You can actually download videos on YouTube without even installing a single software on your mobile phone.

I use to think there is no way I could download videos from YouTube without installing spamming applications on my phone. I have stopped thinking like that because I have found a new way to complete the same task without the installing of such apps on my phone.

It is as simple as ABCD.

Since I am here to show and not to talk, let me go straight to show what I am here for.

Below are the simple procedures I follow to download videos from YouTube on my phone.


Step 1.

First of all, I open the YouTube app on my phone and then search for a video I want to download. In this case let me use the keyword “Stonebwoy Go high”. After typing in, there is no doubt, a lot of videos will appear. All I have to do is look at which one I want to download and write the name down or keep the name in my head.

Step 2.

What I do next is; exit my YouTube mobile app and open my web browser. I then type into the address bar this url “” after typing, I hit the enter key and then I arrive at the home page.


step 3.

When I arrive at the homepage of this site, I then enter the exact name of the video I searched for in the YouTube app in the search bar of this mobile website and press the search button.


step 4.

The site then generates a list of videos of the same name. If you are able to type the exact name you saw on YouTube, you should get the exact video you are looking for on this site at the very first top of the list. I click on the video to see my download options.


step 5.

After clicking on the video, a lot of download options appear including 3GP, MP4 video, MP4 audio, MP3 Audio, etc. Because I want video and not just any video but high quality video, I click on “MP4 Video”. Which is the highest quality on the site.

Step 6.

Another interface comes that shows only MP4 video, I click on it again to open. From there, I stream to see if the video I am about to download is really what I wanted. Then when I am sure it is, I then use the download button to download my video. After downloading my video I always go to the download folder of my phone to locate the video.


That is how simple I download videos from YouTube onto my phone. I have done this several times and there is no single video I have not found on this site with this method.

If yo didn’t understand, You can refer to the video tutorial below.

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