MTN Short Codes And The Best Tricks You Must Know

Latest MTN Short Codes You Must Know

Do you know MTN short codes make using MTN Ghana network very beneficial? Here are some of the best short codes you should utilize on daily basis to make using the network easier for you.

Benefits of knowing these MTN Shortcodes
Save money – Access exclusive deals and discounted bundles
Save time – Quickly check balances, buy airtime, manage services
Convenience – Avoid call center waits, resolve issues instantly
Control – Monitor usage, change settings as needed
Personalized offers – Get customized promotions and loyalty perks
Self-service – Manage account independently without agent help

MTN Ghana shortcodes allow customers to easily access and manage services right from their phones. This comprehensive guide categorizes the most useful MTN short codes to help you save time and money.

Whether you need to check your account balance, reload airtime, control data usage or access customer support, we have put together all the codes you need to know.

Is there a code to convert MTN SMS to data?

There is a code to convert MTN call minutes to data bundle. However, there is no code to convert MTN SMS to data.
The code for converting MTN call minutes to data bundle is *567#. To be able to convert the call minutes, you must make sure the minutes you are converting are MashUp call minutes else it will not work.

MTN Short Codes

Check below the tables of all the current working MTN Short codes. All these codes have been categorized into groups to help you find exactly what you are looking for without wasting time.

Airtime and Bundle Codes

These MTN Short codes will help you with all your Airtime and MTN Ghana Data Bundle needs. Checking balance, topping up and all other services that have to do with Airtime or data bundles.

*134*voucher-PIN#Recharge airtime
*550#Activate MTN Free After 1 and special internet packages
*135#Activate MTN Zone Snapi Bundle
*124#Check airtime, data, bonus, and SMS balance
*138#View internet bundles/SMS bundles
*567#MTN Mashup / MTN Pulse
*198#Share credit with friends and family
*506#Borrow credit / Data bundle
*144*number to recharge*voucher number#Recharge airtime for someone
*5057#Turbonet or FTTX Menu
*811#Family And Friends / CLIQ
*513#MTN Master Beneficiary Bundle
*5060#SME Bundles
*141#Just for you offer

Mobile Money Codes

If you want to find MTN Mobile Money short codes, this table has all the currently working codes. Look through them and find what exactly you are looking for.

*511#Generate MTN ATM token
*170#MTN mobile money access code and portal
*171#Mobile Money Merchant transaction menu
*595#Exempt/include yourself from mobile money interest payments
*5051#Request a merchant sim card

Call Service Codes

All the codes here have to do with calls. You will have to call most of them to be able to get the service you desire.

*140#MTN Pay for me Barring code
024xxxxxxx 1 to 1399Please call me service (the recipient number space 1,2,3, or 4 to 1399)
154[0244000000]MTN Pay For Me (Dial 154 before the recipient number to make recipient pay)
1303MTN Radio
100MTN Pay For Me (Dial 154 before the recipient number to make the recipient pay)
109Voicemail receiving
108Voicemail sending
114Call center for Mobile Money merchants
115Call center for EVD vendors
116FTTX call centre

Special Service Codes

These are some special MTN Short codes you will need to make your life better. Some of these codes might not be MTN specific but they all have been tested and works per their description.

Movies to 1412Get Silverbird movie schedule
02xxxxxxxx Simbox to 419Report Simbox fraud
Send STOP to 1355Unsubscribe from Caller Tunez
<register><4-digit pin number> send to 1329Register MTN Me2U Credit with family and friends
7014Send START to activate Phonebook backup or STOP to deactivate
**67*02XXXXXXXX*11#Divert calls when busy
**61*02XXXXXXXX*11#Divert calls when there is no answer
**62*02XXXXXXXX*11#Divert calls when unreachable
**21*02XXXXXXXX*11#Divert all calls /Shortcode for call forwarding
##21#Deactivate call divert / call forwarding
30037MTN Farm Direct (receive great farming tips)
*770#Ecobank Treasure Bill
*1333#Self-service code
*296#AYO Recharge with care insurance code
*400#Check if your number is registered
*1390#Reserve your number for two years
PORT to 600Number portability to other networks
*156#Request internet settings
30020#Receive cool jokes
*1355#Activate Caller Tunez
*455#Receive accurate weather forecasts at 8 GP/SMS
*175#Content Manager (Unsubscribe from unwanted SMS)

These are tested and working MTN shortcodes. If for some reason, you would like to know a code that is not here, you can leave what the code you want does and we will reply with the code you want in the comment section. If you want the MTN EVD code, then check an earlier article we wrote about the MTN Ghana Airtime Transfer Code.

MTN simple tricks

These are simple tips from me to you. They are tricks I use often. Of course, these tricks help me a lot and I am ready to share some of them with you.

  • MyMTN App
    My favorite trick is using the MyMTN App. This app helps me to get a cool 50% data bundle on every data I purchase. The trick is simple; Purchase the data using the app.
  • *156#
    I always check my data balance using this code. *124# will show your data balance but won’t tell you which one is a midnight bundle or which one is what. *156# will break down everything for you to know which one is finished and which one is left. Yes!, is the same code you use for requesting MTN Internet Settings.
  • Check who is calling
    Truecaller is not as reliable as you might think. To know who is calling, just try sending them some money. I prefer GHC 0.10 just in case I mistakenly enter my Mobile Money PIN code after finding out their name.

So far, these are some of the major tricks I often use.

What is number reservation in MTN?

Number reservation is a form of subscription that will help you to keep your number even if you have not used it for a long period. All MTN numbers go into expiry after 6 months of inactivity. Within this period, you can reactivate it but after 12 months you won’t be able to reactivate. Beyond that, the number is recycled.
Number reservation helps you extend the expiration period by paying a fee.


“In conclusion, navigating the world of MTN services becomes seamless with these categorized short codes. From managing your airtime and bundles to accessing mobile money features and special services, these codes empower users to control their MTN experience efficiently.

Stay connected, explore the benefits, and make the most out of your MTN subscription with these convenient and purposeful short codes.”

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  1. I was fried by my friend. He just use my airtime for internet bundle and deleted the message please can you help me view the message again

    1. If you reply to the message and it doesn’t go, make sure you set the message center number properly in your message settings. Depending on which network you are using, the message center numbers are different.

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