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MTN Short Codes And The Best Tricks You Must Know

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If you are looking for MTN short codes and simple tricks to make using your Simcard fun, then you are on the right page.

There are so many codes I know you wish you know in order for you to complete simple tasks on your MTN number. Here, I am giving you some shortcodes you can use on MTN to complete simple tasks.

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MTN Short Codes

  • 100 – General call center number
  • 114 – Call center for Mobile Money merchants
  • 115 – Call center for EVD vendors.
  • *124# – To check airtime, data, bonus, and SMS balance
  • *511# – MTN ATM token generation code.
  • *296# – AYO Recharge with care insurance code.
  • *5057# – Turbonet or FTTX Menu. (You should consider reading about Turbonet from my previous article: MTN Turbo Net – Internet Surfing Speed Up To 300MBps.
  • *1333# – Self-service code
  • *811# – Family And Friends / CLIQ
  • *1355# — MTN Caller ring-back tone
  • *506# – Extra time or Extra Byte
  • *5090# – Hello World Bundle for customers who want to Roam
  • *5055# – MJaara Code. Works only in Brong Ahafo, Upper East, Upper West, Northern Region, and Volta Region
  • *5050# – Sunday Special Works only on Sundays
  • *550# – Magic Number for only numbers less than 3 months old.
  • *172# — Used to Locate mobile money merchants.
  • *513# – Master account for sharing data bundle.
  • *198# – For transferring airtime from a subscriber line.
  • *5051# – For requesting a merchant sim card.
  • *135# — MTN Zone / MTN So cool
  • *315# — MTN Free After 1 code / MTN Nkomode code
  • *1390# — Number Reservation
  • *5060# — SME Bundles
  • *770# — Ecobank Treasure Bill
  • *567# — MTN Pulse/ Mashup
  • *138# — Data bundle platform
  • *141# = Just for your offer
  • *482# – Loyalty bonus based on system selection
  • *170# – Mobile Money Menu
  • *171# – Mobile Money Merchant transaction menu

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MTN Short Codes You Must Call (IVR)

Basically, you will have to call the following MTN short codes and follow the voice prompt to activate the services.

  • 108 – for voicemail activation
  • 109 – For retrieving voicemail
  • 1333 – Self-service IVR
  • 1303 – MTN Radio activation and listening
  • 811 – Family And Friends / CLIQ

MTN Short Codes That Demand SMS

7014 – Send START to activate Phonebook backup or STOP to deactivate

1399 – Call me back. Format: ( Recipient number <space>1,2,3 or 4)

1329 — For changing your Me2U pin code.

Extra MTN Short Codes

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*134* Voucher code# – For recharging airtime

*144*Phone*voucher# – For recharging for others including people roaming

*43# – Activating Call waiting

*31# – Hide caller ID

*156# – Information Portal

  • Check Phone number
  • Request internet settings
  • Check usage summary
  • Check Postpaid Bill
  • Make a 4G sim swap
  • Check promo points


If you try making a call and it drops without any feedback or you get the feedback ‘call end’, probably you have mistakenly hidden your caller ID so just dial #31#, turn the phone Off and On, and you should be able to make the call.

Dial ##21# if most of your callers are getting feedback that they are calling the wrong number or they claim somebody else answered their call. Probably you have mistakenly done a call divert so that shortcode will cancel the divert.

Dial #33*0000# if you are making a call and it drops giving you the feedback “call barred”. It will cancel the call barring.

You can check lotto results by sending the first three letters of the days of the week in caps to 1903 at a fee. Example: send ‘MON’ to ‘1903’ to check Monday’s lotto results.

MTN Master Beneficiary Data Bundle

The MTN master beneficiary data bundle is one of the best data bundle options most people use since it gives more data than a normal bundle code.

It is quite unfortunate that this option is currently under maintenance. It is the same service you can use on USSD code: *513#.

The last update of this post shows that the service is currently under maintenance. However, you can try other MTN data bundle options to get even more data. Try using the MTN Zone data bundle to get more data.

Dial *135# and select option 2 to see the available data bundles for your zone. Trust me, you can get as much as 5GB worth of data for just 4GHC or 5GHC depending on your zone.

MTN Short Codes and Tricks Disclaimer

These are just a few of the so many MTN codes. Most of these codes have been tested and some of them involve airtime charges so trying them will be at your own risk.

SLiMFACTSGh is not to be held responsible for any damages caused when trying out these codes. This is just for informational purposes.

If there is anything you would like to add or questions you would like to ask, leave a comment below.


  1. I was fried by my friend. He just use my airtime for internet bundle and deleted the message please can you help me view the message again

    • If you reply to the message and it doesn’t go, make sure you set the message center number properly in your message settings. Depending on which network you are using, the message center numbers are different.