The New MTN Ghana Data Bundles

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Get some of the cheapest MTN Ghana data bundles currently. If you want the best internet bundles, then this is where you should be checking.

All MTN Ghana Data Bundles for this year. The internet is a glorious invention made to give life an easier feel and make things better for all and sundry. It has emphatically changed the way we do many things from healthcare delivery to business transactions, education, and many other things.

However, to successfully use the internet and enjoy its full benefits, you must have enough data bundle.

In Ghana, the largest internet service provider is MTN Ghana with more than a 1/3rd of the nation presently subscribed to their service.

This article focuses on explaining and bringing you to par with all existing MTN Ghana Data bundles. Kindly take a back seat and relax while we walk you through.

There are about 5 different data packages as far as MTN Ghana is concerned.

We shall look at all five of them in this article so you understand the choices you have and which one to go for. Before we take a deep dive into all the available MTN Ghana data bundles, quickly take a look at the table of content below. If you want to jump to a particular topic, simply click on the title to jump to it.

1. Midnight Packages

The Midnight bundle is particularly made for individuals who enjoy staying up at night to browse. These people either download movies, stream programs, or download music videos for entertainment’s sake. And for that reason, they require a high-speed internet connection.

The midnight bundle package works between the hours of 12 AM to 5 AM daily. Meaning, no matter the volume of midnight data you have left on your phone, you cannot use it for any purpose outside of the stipulated hours.

If you go big on movies, songs, music videos, and games, then this might be for you. Because you get huge data packages at very affordable prices.

The midnight data packages are further divided into two:

  1. 1 Cedi for 2.79GB Data.
  2. 3 Cedis for 5.33GB Data.

To buy the first data package, follow the steps below:

  1. Dial *138#
  2. Enter option 1
  3. Enter option 1 again
  4. Select 4
  5. Then 1
  6. Select 1
  7. And select 1

To purchase the second data package, follow these steps:

  1. Dial *138#
  2. Select option 1
  3. Again, select 1
  4. Go for option 4
  5. Select option 2
  6. Next, select 1
  7. Select 1

You should also check out an earlier article I wrote about the MTN Midnight bundle code. There is more information there about this particular data package. If you want some of the cheapest MTN Ghana data bundles, then you should look no further than this place.

Basic MTN Package

The MTN Basic Data Package is primarily for the everyday data user who just wants data on his phone so they can browse social media, read news and check one or two things. It is for people who may not have a specific need for data. They just need it for general browsing. It is actually one of the most common MTN Ghana data bundles out there.

For these people, the MTN Basic Data Package provides a tall list of options. See the table below for the data packages and their prices.

23 MB0.50 GHS*138# 1-1-1-1-1Non-Expiry
46 MB1.00 GHS*138# 1-1-1-2-1Non-Expiry
461 MB3.00 GHS*138# 1-1-1-3-1Non-Expiry
943 MB10.00 GHS*138# 1-1-2-1-1Non-Expiry
12GB120 GHS*138# 1-1-3-1-1Non-Expiry
205 GB399 GHS*138# 1-1-3-1-2-1Non-Expiry


The MTN Kokrokoo bundle is similar to the midnight data bundle however, it’s more targeted at people who love to browse at dawn. It offers normal browsing, calls, and text packages to its users. it lasts between the hours of 4 AM and 8 AM.

This package comes with 20 minutes of call time and 400MB of data. And it costs just 1.09 GHS. This is in fact one of the cheapest MTN Ghana data bundles you can ever get.

To subscribe to this package, dial *138# 1-1-5-1-1.

I mentioned this type of bundle when I wrote about some of the best MTN bundle codes you must know. Read that article to learn about some of the amazing data bundles that have not even been mentioned here.

Social Media Bundle

If you’re a fan of all the big social media channels. Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, Snapchat, and Twitter are the focus points for this data bundle. These types of MTN Ghana data bundles are purposely for surfing social media.

It provides complete coverage for the various social media applications on your phone. What it means is that once you’re using any of the social media applications, you can use this data package. However, you cannot use it for any other purpose – be it browsing with a web browser or downloading a song.

To purchase this data bundle, follow these steps:

  1. Dial *138#
  2. Select option 1
  3. Next, select 1
  4. Select the Social Media bundle
  5. Input your amount
  6. Confirm

MTN Turbonet Data Packages

The MTN Turbonet data package is a high-end data package for individuals and institutions whose operation requires huge data usage. These are mostly Internet businesses, companies, families, and bigger government institutions. The Turbonet provides some of the cheapest MTN Ghana data bundles out there.

The MTN Turbonet in itself is a specialized router made by either Huawei or ZTE under the order of MTN Ghana. So the device comes with a specific data sim that can only be used in the Turbonet. I have a full article about Unboxing the MTN Turbonet which you can read to learn more about this device.

This Sim Card allows you to access the MTN Turbonet data bundle. Without the Turbonet, you can’t access the Turbonet bundle and without the Turbonet data sim, you can’t use your Turbonet either. Meaning, no normal sim card can work in the Turbonet router.

Presently, the Turbonet router costs GHS500 at MTN offices but costs up to GHS800 at various retail points throughout the country. Once you acquire the router, you can purchase the data bundle of your choice.

Here are the various Turbonet data bundles and prices:

You can also read more on MTN TurboNet And Fibre Broadband Data Bandle Prices To Be Increased

5.18 GB25.0 GHS*5057# 1-1-1-1Non-Expiry
10.36 GB50.0 GHS*5057# 1-2-1-1Non-Expiry
46.64 GB145.00 GHS*5057# 1-3-1-1Non-Expiry
233.18 GB295.00 GHS*5057# 1-4-1-1Non-Expiry

Note that apart from the packages listed here, you can also buy higher volumes of Turbonet data depending on your preference. These are fixed packages listed above. However, there are flexible packages where you input your amount and the system calculates its corresponding data package for you.


MTN Ghana data bundles are a huge part of today’s world. Almost everyone in the world now relies on data for communication and business transactions. It’s therefore important that people have enough knowledge of the various data packages available to them. So, they can make informed decisions on which one to go for.

MTN Ghana data bundles were discussed in this article. We hope the article answers all your questions and you enjoyed it as well. Feel free to share your questions and comments with us in the comment box below.

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