How To Make $1,000+ For Free Working From Home


The economy is hard beyond human imagination. If you don’t get an extra source of income, you will get a lot of financial pressure.
I am here to give you a simple tutorial that can earn you as much as $1,000+ per month. With this tutorial, you have the power in your own hands. You can control how much you earn per month.

The Mathematics

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1Bitcoin is made up of 100,000,000(One hundred Million) satoshis. Which means if you are able to earn 5,000,000(five Million) Satoshi per day, on a net 30 basis, you are going to earn 150,000,000(One hundred and fifty million)satoshis which is equivalent to 1.5BTC($1,500).

Ok!, Let’s say you mine bitcoin only on week days. With that, you will be able to earn 110,000,000satoshis working for 22days in a month.
This is where the question falls in. How?


For this tutorial to survive, you have to combo it just like I am writing it. If you don’t involve the combo, you are not going to get it right.
So lets start.

#Note: You won’t start earning 5,000,000satoshis right away because you have to do a lot of hardwork before earning that much on daily basis.

To mine Bitcoin, you first need a bitcoin wallet and wallet address. Use this link to create your Bitcoin wallet with coinbase. One of the the most secured Bitcoin wallets.
Click Here To Create Your Bitcoin Wallet

Download this simple simple app for your Android phone. >>> DOWNLOAD Here

Copy your Wallet address and paste it inside the software while signing up.
If you don’t know how to copy your coinbase wallet, just follow the steps below to do that.

1. Log into Coinbase wallet and click on “Tools” from your coinbase dashboard.
2. From the tools menu, Click on “Addresses”.
3. Click on “Create New Address” if you don’t have the address there. If you have the address there, just copy and paste in the app you downloaded. Refer to the image below.


This is how to mine with the app. Just click on the app every 30minutes and click on “Claim”. It will display a short advert and off you claim 100satoshis. It is as simple as that.

Very Important:

To earn better with this app, follow this simple rules. Trust me, you can earn 1BTC per month with only this app if you follow this tutorial very well.
This app pays out at 10,000satoshis. They pay on 25th of every month. To increase your earnings with this app, don’t wait for them to send you your earnings. Instead, use your earnings to upgrade.
You can upgrade three things here.

You can upgrade your time which will help you to claim more often. The normal time is 30 minutes but the more you upgrade, more you get your claim interval reduced.

You can upgrade the amount of satoshis you will claim on a single claim. The normal satoshis you can claim every 30 minutes 100 but when you upgrade, you will get the chance to claim more satoshis on a single click.

You can upgrade your referral earnings. With this, you get 50% of your referred user’s earnings everyday. This one allows you to sit down without claiming but earning more satoshis.

I will advice that you upgrade the amount of satoshis you claim every 30 minutes more often than any other. Its not easy but its good to fetch you some BTC when you do it well.

The next important tutorial to is very important. You have use it as a combo with this one to earn more.

If there is anything, you want to ask or want to know, just leave a comment below for me.

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