How To Create Your Own Blog – Free PDF Available For Download

Do you know how much an average blogger earns per month?

When you talk about blogging, a whole lot of things come in mind. One of those is the money aspect of it. Blogging is someones job. That is just what he or she does for a living. Trust me on that.

In this article, I am explaining the basics of blogging, what goes into blogging, how to start blogging and free PDF on how to create your own blog and start making money with it.

What is a blog?

I have been mentioning blog throughout my introduction but I have not taken my time to explain it.

A Blog is a short hand for Weblog. That leaves me with the question ‘What is a weblog?’. With a simple definition, I will say a weblog is a dynamic website that the author updates consistently. It is as simple as that.

Just like you write in your diary on daily basis, the same applies to the weblog or what is know as a blog.

I know the next question that just popped in your head is “How do i create a blog?”. Just wait for a while as I will show you how to create your own blog by the end of this whole tutorial.


What you should know first.

This is what you should know first before you start the journey of becoming a blogger.

Blogging can be seen as an easy job but it is not as easy as it is seen. Especially when you quit your daily job to devote your whole life to blogging. You will end up getting much money ten times or even fifty times more than what you earn on your routine job when you were not a blogger.

The question then becomes how then do you earn this money that I am talking about?.

It is simple but not easy, you create your own blog, place adverts on it, your visitors click on the adverts and you get paid. It is as simple as that. Not a fraudulent act but a very legit act governed by rules.

Like I said its very simple but not easy. You will earn a lot of money but not as easy as you will think it.

Before you start thinking about how to start your blog, the first thing you must be willing to do is, you be ready to read anything as far as blogging is concerned. Sometimes you will read certain things that you might think are not worth it but they are actually what matters most.

Then the next thing you should do again is to be ready to sacrifice. Buying is one of the things that every blog do in order to make their blog stand out. It is the state of your blog that determines how much money it can generate into your pocket.

You can earn as much as US $200, 000 per month all from blogging without working under anyone. What you should really put in your mind, is that blogging gives you freedom but it is not an easy job.

How to create your own blog and start making money

Since this is the reason why you are here, I will go straight forward to the session where you have to create your free blog and start making your money.

I have written about how to create a free blog and make money with it on this site. I did that before finding this PDF tutorial and this tutorial comes in handy.

As you can click this link(How To Start A Professional Blog With Just $19)

to see one of my tutorials, You can also download the pdf file here >>>> “Download

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  1. This is a wonderful article helping the newbie bloggers. It is very interesting how you structured everything including PDF for free download. I will also add something small that will make it even easier. A drag and drop wordpress builder…. “What You See Is What You Get” a really good plugin for beginners and makes it even easier for advanced users.

  2. great post….. best every post recommended for each and every newbie willing to kick start his or her career in the blogosphere. But before, always bear in mind that blogging as we heard people saying, it’s a kind of internet lucrative business empire, is not a kind of get-quick-scheme of which you install a software and paste articles on your blog expecting tons of traffic to be clicking for you to make money.
    Blogging really need attention and much effort should be applied in a way to make people as your target audience love the kind of vital information you’re delivering. If you always have this kind of idea in mind, then that’s the way to be also raking your $$$$ each and every month as a blogger.
    Thank you

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