JetX vs. Aviator on Shabiki

If you’ve been into online games for a long time, then you’ve probably heard about the category of crash games, which includes everyone’s favorites, JetX and Aviator. The well-known Kenyan bookmaker Shabiki also provides this entertainment. Let’s determine which games are better and what you must consider to win.

About Shabiki

Shabiki’s service is well known to Kenyan users. The platform offers sports betting, a casino section, and other popular entertainment. The design of the bookmaker stands out, as the site is designed in blue with orange accents. To register, you can only use a phone number; there are no other options on the platform.

Previously, the platform only had a sportsbook, but later, the developers added casinos and games. The bonus program is beyond praise; it provides many beneficial offers for users. You can also install a convenient web application and gain constant access to the platform’s functionality. Read more about this in the article about the Shabiki download app.

As for the assortment, Shabiki also surpasses its competitors in many ways. Both in the sports section and in the casino, users will find a lot of exciting things. In addition, you can take part in one of the jackpots and play games with a live dealer. In other words, the platform deserves attention as a primary or additional bookmaker. But without further delay, let’s compare the two crash games.

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Comparison of JetX and Aviator

Licensed crash games are gaining popularity in online casinos and are on the verge of becoming mainstream. In the online slots Aviator and JetX, the game scheme boils down to placing a bet before the start of the round, following the movement of the curved line on the game screen, and collecting the winnings until a crash occurs, leading to the cancellation of the prize payout. Despite similar rules, each machine has its own characteristics and in-game functions.


Jetx is one of the most popular crash games today. An airplane game allows the player to feel like a risky pilot, and his earnings directly depend on the height to which the aircraft manages to rise. The height in the crash game is equal to the odds applied to the winning bet.

When playing Jetx, the main thing is not to overdo it and stop at the right moment. The player must press the cash-out button before the plane crashes and the odds are canceled. Distinctive features of JetX:

  • Quite a long flight and gain of coefficient, unlike similar analogs.
  • Good chances to get high winnings.
  • Beautiful visual.
  • The presence of a leaderboard where the results of other players will be visible.
  • History of your bets and results after each JetX takeoff.

The developers did a good job and thought out the graphic design in detail. Pleasant color shades, moderate detailing, and a symbolic yellow plane ready to take off to unprecedented odds make this game recognizable.

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Aviator is probably one of the most popular crash games. Users were able to try it out for the first time in 2019. The Spribe company, which developed the airplane game, has introduced the most simple and understandable functions: hours, statistics, and bets made.

  • The Aviator fast game algorithm is built on RNG, guaranteeing fair winnings. Any deception or hacking is impossible in this case.
  • During takeoff, the coefficient is always x1, but the coefficients grow and do so unevenly with every second. They can increase very slowly or instantly reach x10 or even x100.
  • As a rule, one round does not last more than 30 seconds. But it’s impossible to predict what will happen this time because the plane’s flight is always unexpected.

A remarkable visual style sets Aviator apart from other competitors. The game has no other elements or background images besides the graphical plane. The graphic consists of black and red tones with an excellent combination of dark and bright colors. All details are geometric shapes, resulting in a holistic, recognizable design.

The win multiplier starts at x1 and grows as it goes up. The higher the plane gains altitude, the larger the coefficient. If it flies outside the playing field, then the gambler loses. The theoretical return to players percentage is 97%. It means that in 3 out of 100 rounds, the plane flies off the playing field immediately after takeoff. If you have never played this game, read the complete guide, which will help you avoid many mistakes.


JetX and Aviator are popular slot machines offering users exciting gaming experiences. Both variants of quick video games with high-speed results belong to the same thematic category of crash games and will often be encountered by players in online casinos. Both games have distinctive features and recognizable designs. It’s hard to say which is better because it’s a matter of taste. Some people prefer the geometry of the Aviator, while other users choose JetX over and over again. Therefore, register on Shabiki and try both games to understand which group you belong to.

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