How To Start A Professional Blog With Just $19

A lot of people has the passion for blogging but most of them can’t put their passion to work because of the cost involved. If that is your problem which I think it is, then you have absolutely nothing to worry about.  In this latest tutorial, I am going to teach you how to simply convert just 19 dollar bills into a multi-million website.

You don’t believe it huh?

Seeing is believing. Right?

Enough of the talking. Lets get to work.

**What do you call a professional blog?**

That’s a big question.

**What makes a blog professional?**

Another big question.

Most people use domain to judge whether a blog is professional or not professional. Others use hosting to judge whether a blog is professional or not professional. I myself use HOSTING to judge whether a blog is professional or not professional.

I do that because a professional blog can not be on a free hosting. How do you call yourself a professional when you can’t get a hosting that gives you full control? Free hosted blogs to me, are not professional blogs.

Well!, don’t get your spirit down. You still have enough chance to bring out something very professional at a cheaper cost.

The fact that traffic determines the kind of hosting you should buy doesn’t mean you can’t get a cheaper hosting.

You can’t start a blog and start getting 10k visitors in two days so don’t worry about hosting for now. Since you don’t have the money to stomach a cloud hosting at the moment, you have to start with the basic shared hosting first. When your traffic erupts to 100k to 500k per day, you can then think of moving to cloud hosting. By then I am very sure you will be making some cool money out of your blog.

Follow the steps below to build your blog

* Walk into your bank and get yourself a working visa card or You can use PayPal >>>How To Create A Paypal Account In Ghana

*Visit This link  to purchase your hosting and domain. >>HOSTING

(Note: Buy the $9 hosting. A .com domain will also cost $10)

*Next; You can contact Slimzy DeOriginal to build the blog for you free of charge if you don’t know how to do it>>> +233575555153>>> [email protected]

Before you contact me, make sure you have your banner and articles ready. I am only going to install wordpress and customize the layout for you. I am not going to create logo or write any text for you. All customers will be served in one day except I myself postponed your service. No charges are applied.

Thank You

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