Aronium POS And What You Should Know About It

Aronium POS is a free retail Point Of Sale and inventory management system. This software currently runs only on Windows and has all the necessary features to be classified as a POS.

The point of sale as founded by Aleksandar Vasović, is a one-time installation software where you can use it for free with a single cash register/store. However if you want to use the software in more than one store sharing the same database, you will have to pay a monthly subscription fee of USD $10 /month per store.

Single Store / Cash Register

A single store or cash register simply means the pos runs on only one computer. You can also run the software on multiple computers but with the free version, each computer will have to run the software using an independent database.

Multiple Stores / Cash Registers.

Multiple stores or cash registers means you can manage the same inventory from different computers provided you have different branches selling the same products. The two or more computers you will link will have to rely on a single database which you will have to pay USD$ 10/month per computer you add to the network.

Aronium POS Features

  • Barcode

This stores unique barcode from your products for easy identification or if there are no barcodes on your product, the system can generate some for you. It is very unique so you can’t have duplicates.

  • Inventory management

Simplified inventory management to keep your stock level optimized.

  • Network environment

Ability to use multiple cash registers connected to a single database.

  • Security

Set different access levels for each user and secure your business.

  • Custom payment types

Acccept cash, credit cards, check or any payment type you want. Use payment types with split payment functionality or let your customers pay on account.

  • Split Payments

Split payments into multiple payment methods. Allow customers to use their preferred payment methods on a single receipt.

  • Loyalty

Take care of your loyal customers. Set predefined discounts for items or item groups

  • Promotions & Happy Hour

Schedule and select days of week when promotion will run. Apply special rates to products or groups and use discounts or fixed price.

  • Custom receipts

Customize receipts with your logo, web site or a custom text.

* Users

Log in using a card reader or password.
Specialized POS equipment with embedded card readers will secure and speed up your daily operations.

The above information gives you a better clue what to expect from one of the Amazing POS softwares on the market right now.

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