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If you landed on this page in search of information concerning the Auckland Libraries Network, then you are on the right page. In this short but info-packed article, I will tell you more about the Auckland Libraries Network.

The Auckland Libraries Network came into existence somewhere in 2010. It is Auckland Library and its other branches that form the Auckland Libraries Network.

The Auckland Library has about 56 active branches across the region serving the citizens, therefore making it the biggest library network in the whole of New Zealand.

The library servers all manner of persons including children. There are all kinds of library items available, even in video and audio formats.

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Auckland Libraries Network Membership

Membership depends on who is signing up hence making it difficult to say it is free or paid. Any Auckland resident or ratepayer can join for free online or through any branch or online. But anyone who is not an Auckland resident will pay a subscription fee.

Since online registration gives access to only the online materials, the member must upgrade to borrow physical items from the library.

Upgrading means proofing your identity by submitting any photo ID card to any of the branches. Members under 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian to successfully upgrade their membership.

To use the online portal, applicants must sign up through the Auckland library website and use the Auckland library login page to access their accounts.

Also, membership is free for schools, businesses, early childhood centers, and rest homes.


For non-residents, it is strictly branch signup therefore the applicant must provide a photo ID card and choose a subscription package which is; $41.30 for 3 months, $82.60 for 6 months, or $165.30 for 12 months.

Borrowing And Fees

Borrowing is key when it comes to libraries. To borrow from the Auckland library, it costs almost close to nothing. The highest price for borrowing an item at the library is $6 and members can borrow up to 35 items at a time. There are lots of items that are free to borrow.

There are Terms and Conditions for borrowing items, therefore it is a member’s full responsibility to adhere to the terms and conditions. Also, there are Terms and Conditions governing damage or lost items too.

Most items are tagged with a 28 days longevity period which if not returned, can automatically renew for another 28 days. There are overdue charges at $1 per day for all defaulters excluding kids and teens.

Other services including photocopying, printing or heritage photo printing and deep research requests come at a cost depending on what you want.

WiFi And Public Computers

Auckland Library has free WiFi and public computers at every branch. Members can connect to WiFi with their laptops, tablets, or phones but with limits and restrictions. Each member can only use up to 1GB of data per calendar day.

Public computers are also available for free. You only have to book the available computer from any of the staff and when it is your turn, you can use the computer for free.


The Auckland Libraries Network is a network of libraries in Auckland. All the information provided is to help you get access to the library’s contents.

If you have information that can help make this article about the Auckland Libraries Network better, we will be very glad to take it.

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