Fraud Alert: Read This Before You Buy On OLX Ghana Or Tonaton

OLX Ghana and Tonaton are the best sites that are meant to help both individuals and companies to trade their used or brand new items for cool cash in Ghana.

Currently, both OLX Ghana and Tonaton are under huge fraud attack. Both sites only link the buyers to the sellers without any proper filtering to ensure whether the goods really exist or not and fraudsters are using this as an advantage to defraud unsuspecting victims.

On many different occasions friends have complained to me about losing quiet some amount of money to fraudsters through this OLX Ghana and Tonaton deals. I have also been a victim of the fraud attack which by God’s grace didn’t go successfully.

How it is done

Fraudsters usually post photos of their high quality used gadgets for cheap price and always add tags like; “I need money urgently” or “I have some family problem so I’m selling this gadget to get money to solve it.”

God created man to be greedy, stingy and merciful at the same time so these fraudsters psychologically take advantage of that nature of human beings to execute this fraudulent act successfully.

The fraudsters post high quality gadgets that can go through parcel delivery and most of their gadgets are smartphones including Android smartphones and iPhone 5,6,7, etc.

If you contact him or her, he will tell you that the phone you saw on OLX Ghana or Tonaton was just one of the many he sold out. On a usual basis, he sells it for a higher price but he is in trouble at the moment that is why he has reduced the price.

You will definitely try to bargain and they will bargain successfully. Following that, they will ask you for your location and if you tell them your location, they will give their location really far from you which will result in the final option to be getting the item through parcel delivery. That means you will also have to send the money through mobile wallet system.

They will give you proves to show that you are actually going to get the item delivered to you but it is a complete fraud. They will make you talk to a third party who in that case will be the assumed driver supposed to deliver the package. As soon as you send the money, you won’t get your money and you won’t be able to reach them again.

What you should do

Most of us want to buy cheap but quality things but don’t be too stingy and greedy. I know a lot of us too can’t help doing what is important to help others but try not to be too merciful without proves to show the problem actually exist.

Before you pay for goods on OLX Ghana or Tonaton, make sure you meet the seller one on one before you make any payments.

If somebody tries to scam you this way, report them to OLX Ghana or Tonaton so that their ads can be taken offline.


If you are done reading, share so that your friends won’t fall victims to this fraudulent acts. If there is another suggestion, you can add it in the comment box below.

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