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How To Get Free Data Bundle On Vodafone Ghana – 1GB Free

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Most people do not know this but you can actually get a free data bundle on Vodafone. It is completely free and I will gladly teach you how it is done.

If you landed on this page in search of how to get a free data bundle on Vodafone, then you are on the right page. On this page, I will give you a simple trick that will help you get a 1GB data bundle for free on Vodafone.

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Let us take a quick look at how the entire process works.

Get a 1GB free data bundle on Vodafone

Vodafone has a plan in place to credit the accounts of all Vodafone Ghana users with a 1GB free data bundle after installing the Vodafone app.

If you want to enjoy this offer, you simply have to head to the Google Playstore or Apple Appstore and install the MyVodafone App.

Sign up with the phone number you would like to get your free data bundle on. As soon as you finish the entire procedure, you will receive your 1GB free data bundle on Vodafone.

Note that this free data bundle lasts for only 24 hours after which it will expire.

What you should know

Beating the system is one of the things that most of us do all the time. There are people out there who would like to beat this system in many ways. I would like you to know certain things about the 1 GB free data bundle on Vodafone.

Take note of some actions that may not work.

  1. If you uninstall and reinstall the MyVodafone app, you will not get the 1GB data a second time.
  2. If you use the same number in a different phone, you will not get 1GB data for a second time.

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