How To Block Your Account If A Thief Stole Your Android or iPhone?

If you lost your smartphone or it was stolen, it is best to block your WhatsApp account, so the thief will not be able to see your conversations.

How do you do it?
Impossible to miss it. Unlike Facebook, WhatsApp does not allow its users to log out from another device, in case a thief has stolen their Android phone or iPhone . Fortunately, there are three ways to lock your account in seconds.

Do you want to know them?

I will tell you.
With these tricks that work for all users, the criminal can not review your conversations, neither can he or she view photos or videos you sent your contacts through the application of instant messaging.

As detailed by the WhatsApp developers on their support page, there are three ways to block our accounts remotely, no matter what brand of device we are using. Which are?

  1. Block your card

If you have just suffered the loss or theft of your cell phone, the first thing you should do is contact your telephone company and ask them to block your number. As soon as they do, the app will be deactivated automatically.

The criminal will not be able to open the instant messaging application again, since he will have to know the verification code that is only received by text message (SMS) or call.

  1. Replace the SIM card

You must use another SIM card with the same phone number to activate WhatsApp on your new cell phone. This option may take time, depending on how quickly you get a replacement.

  1. Get in touch with them

Believe it or not, the developers of this instant messaging service, which Facebook bought in 2014, have an email to contact them in case you want to block your account.

The email is [email protected] and in the Subject you must put Stolen / Lost Phone: Please, deactivate my account . In the body of the message you have to include your cell phone number in the full international format (to find out, go to this link).

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