How To Get Free Bitcoin With FeaturePoints

At first, Bitcoin use to be just a myth but these days, Bitcoin is getting famous even more than some currencies I know. The more expensive it gets, the more famous it is getting as well.

In this simple tutorial, I’m going to disclose to you a simple mobile app that will help you to make some few Bitcoins just downloading some other apps, playing some games and referring your friends to install the app. “Very simple… right?”

How does it work?

This is like a testing platform where you test other apps, take part in surveys, install new games and get paid for your time and data bundle. It is very simple as that.

This is  not one of those ‘Make money quick online tutorials‘ so if that is what brought you here, I will say; “You are going to get disappointed”  This is just something to help you make some few bucks to fix into your online bills. You can make at least $25 per week with this app depending on how many offers you are getting per day but I don’t think that is enough to become your full time job. If you are looking forward to making some passive income online, then I recommend you read this: How To Start Working From The Comfort Of Your Home This Year


1. Download this App

2. Sign up with your valid email account, when asked to enter referral code, enter : “slimzy1“… (Yes that is my referral code, I can’t recommend something I have not tried yet to you.)

What you should know:

All you have to do is download this wonderful app, install it, checkout for offers and then make some legit money. This app actually pays and there is absolutely no doubt about their legitimacy. It is tested and working.

There are different payment methods including PayPal, Stripe and Bitcoin. Since I am a big fun of Bitcoin, I decided to go for bitcoin only. You are eligible to claim your earnings after making 600 coins which is equivalent to $1…. Cool huh?

You will get 200 coins right after sign up. When you hit  your first 600 coins, then you will go to the rewards page in the app and select Bitcoin as the payment method. Note that you will be needing a coinbase account for this last step. You can also get paid through PayPal. In that case, you will need a working PayPal account: How To Create A PayPal Account In Ghana With Ghanaian Details

Like I said earlier, this is not some kind of free money making machine. You only have some fun and get some few bucks to settle for the internet bills. If you are thinking of making some passive income online, you can check this article: How To Make $1,000+ For Free Working From Home

While I do not believe that there is any ‘make money quick online‘ tutorial that actually works, I believe in working online and that is what I do for a living. It will take the amount of effort and understanding you put into it to start making that money you have always been dreaming of.

In case you missed the link to download the app, you can use this download button.[otw_shortcode_button href=”″ size=”large” icon_type=”general foundicon-down-arrow” icon_position=”left” shape=”radius” color_class=”otw-greenish”]Download Feature Point App[/otw_shortcode_button]

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