How To Receive International Transfer Through MTN MobileMoney

Receiving international transactions is very difficult when you don’t know how to go about it. Well, You can actually receive international transfer through MTN MobileMoney.

Most banks will stress you when you are receiving money from outside Ghana. So many questions and so many forms to fill, not forgetting the ID verification process. Even though the money belongs to you, you might end up being treated like some criminal.

You can actually receive international transactions through MTN MobileMoney. Even tho the amount you can receive is limited, you can still receive as much as GHS 20,000 in one transaction. You must increase your MobileMoney limit before you will be able to receive such an amount. Of course, you must have zero balance as well. Apart from that, you can only receive GHS 10,000 with zero balance.

Receive International Transfer Through MTN MobileMoney

So before you receive funds from outside of Ghana, there are some key things you must check as the receipient.

  1. Make sure the MTN MobileMoney account you are receiving the money into is registered in your name and with your ID card. Receiving money into someone’s account is not advisable.
  2. You have to know which country the person is sending the money from and which service he or she is using.
  3. If the sender doesn’t know which service to use, then you can advise. There are services like World Remit, Wave Money, Skrill, etc. You can Call MTN on 100, tell them the country and they can tell which services work there.

If all these things are in place, then you can tell the sender to go ahead and send the money. Most of the time, it will take some days for the money to reflect in your account.

It doesn’t matter which currency the person is sending the money. It will be converted to the Cedi equivallent and dropped in your MobileMoney wallet. You will receive the alert just like any other MoMo transaction alert.


It is very easy to make transactions these days beyond borders, Thanks to MTN. Do not forget still, money laundry is checked even through these services.

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