ZED Air Laptop Screen Not Working? Do This

So you did a few changes on your laptop and your display is no longer showing anything. You can feel that your machine is fully functional but there is nothing on the screen at all. 

A lot of things could cause this so you will first have to go back in time, to check the last time it was working and what happened last before it stopped working. 

  1. It could be that you made some BIOS  changes and after saving the changes, the display will not light up again. This simply means you have changed something in the BIOS that you were not supposed to change. The most common setting in the BIOS that could cause malfunction will be mistakenly setting external display as the default display driver. 

You can solve this simply by connecting your HDMI display to a screen. Everything should show up on the screen. Go back into your ZED Air BIOS settings and reset the settings to default. Your screen should start working correctly after a reboot.

2.  Maybe you mistakenly pressed a key combination and all of a sudden the display went off and never came back again. 

You can connect HDMI cable and use an external screen but first you will have to restart the laptop, if the problem persists before you use the HDMI. To reboot while the screen is off, press and hold the power button until the power light goes off. 

3. You turned off your ZED Air Laptop and the next time you turned it on, the display is not working. 

Most of the time if this happens, then it is probably a hardware problem. To diagnose this problem, turn on your laptop and connect it to a second screen using HDMI cable to see if something will show up. If nothing shows up, then your graphic chip has gone bad. Don’t conclude with just this simple finding, let an expert check and tell you exactly what is wrong.

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