How to Fix ZED Air Laptop Screen for Free

Is your ZED Air laptop screen off? This simple guide will help you fix this issue for free. The guide emphasizes simple software issues that cause your screen to go off and how to simply fix them.

ZED has become one of the most common lightweight laptops these days. If you happen to have some, then probably you have had some petty challenges with it. I have had a fair share of my issues with this brand of laptop and the fixes, I always write about them so others will not get frustrated like I was when I had those issues.

Some of the common fixes I wrote about include how to fix the ZED Air laptop keyboard and mouse as well as how to install Windows on the ZED Air laptop. All these are issues I had with my own ZED Air and got fixed.

In this simple guide, we shall be looking at how to fix the ZED Air laptop screen. Whether it is a software issue, broken or hardware issue, we should be able to resolve it after reading this article.

How to Fix ZED Air Laptop Screen for Free

There are many possible causes of your ZED Air laptop screen going off. It could be the issue of drivers, hardware issues, or even a faulty screen. No matter the cause, I will assure you that we will diagnose and get it fixed.

I will explain some of the case scenarios and how to resolve the issues.

1. The screen goes off after changing the settings.

It could be that you made some BIOS changes and after saving the changes, the display will not light up again. This simply means you have changed something in the BIOS that you were not supposed to change. The most common setting in the BIOS that could cause malfunction will be mistakenly setting external display as the default display driver.

If this is the cause of your problem, then follow the below procedure to fix your ZED Air laptop screen.

  • Connect your laptop to an external display using an HDMI cable. Everything should show up on the external screen if you do this.
  • Go back into your ZED Air BIOS settings and reset the settings to default. Your ZED Air laptop screen should start working correctly after a reboot.
I wrote an earlier article about How to get iLife ZED Air laptop drivers. It will also be useful in helping resolve screen issues if the issues are actually caused by outdated drivers. 

2. Screen off after pressing an unknown key combination

Probably you mistakenly pressed certain key combinations and your screen went off. Usually what happens in this case is the fact that you have mistakenly set your laptop to project to a second screen only. In such a case, the resolution is very simple.

  • First, make sure the laptop is actually functioning and not dead. The best way to check this is to connect and disconnect a USB device to see if you will hear a sound. If you hear a sound, it means it is only the ZED Air laptop screen that is off.
  • Connect the HDMI cable and use an external screen but first, you will have to restart the laptop, if the problem persists before you use the HDMI. To reboot while the screen is off, press and hold the power button until the power light goes off.
  • If the ZED Air laptop screen is still off after a reboot, connect the second screen.
  • Press the “Windows key + P” and select “PC Screen Only”. Refer to the screenshot below.
How to Fix ZED Air Laptop Screen for Free - Project screen

This should help resolve the issue if you actually mistakenly switched to an external screen only.

3. Screen off from the last shutdown

You turned off your ZED Air Laptop and the next time you turned it on, the display is not working. If this is what happened to you, then there is a lot of work to do here. Most of the time if this happens, then it is probably a hardware problem.

To diagnose this problem, turn on your laptop and connect it to a second screen using an HDMI cable to see if something will show up. If nothing shows up, then probably your graphic chip has gone bad or there is some other hardware issue.

Unfortunately, ZED Air laptops do not come with any removable parts like RAM, CPU, HDD, etc. Everything is made with the board so when something like this happens, the last option is to visit the technician.

4. Screen is broken

If the ZED Air laptop screen is broken, you will see a crack visibly or only visible when you turn on the laptop.

In this case, you have to let the technician handle this. If you are technically inclined, you can purchase a screen from AliExpress and fix it yourself. AliExpress has screens for every laptop and they ship Globally so you can make a purchase and get it delivered to you regardless of your location.


ZED Air laptops are powerful and very lightweight. Even though they are powerful, the screen going off is something we can not control.

When your screen goes off, make sure you use the proper diagnoses to check the right cause of the screen going off. After determining the cause, give the appropriate solution to help resolve the issue. If you can’t determine the cause, always seek the advice of a professional technician.

If you have any questions or suggestions, kindly leave them in the comment section and I will reply as early as possible.

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