How To Use Your Smart Phone As Remote Control For Your PC/Laptop

It is very difficult to find a Personal Computer or Laptop with a remote control.

Probably a lot of manufacturers of think that as long as there is mouse or touch screen, there is no need for remote control. Well, there are situations in which you can’t get up and move to the computer to operate it and that is where a remote control could’ve been useful.

In this new tutorial, I’m going to teach you a simple trick that will help you to create a remote for your pc or laptop using a smartphone.

These are the things you can do with this method.

  1. You can use your phone as remote when playing music or video.
  2. You can use your phone as a wireless mouse.
  3. You can mirror your computer’s screen to your phone.
  4. You can transfer files from your computer to your phone without a cable.
  5. You can use your phone as a gaming pad for your computer.
  6. You can project your phone’s screen to your computer.
  7. You can use your phone as remote during a PowerPoint Presentation.

All the above are very amazing things that you can do with your phone and your computer.

Items needed:

  1. Personal Computer Or Laptop.
  2. Wifi/Bluetooth Card
  3. Router. (You don’t need a router if you are going to use bluetooth connection)
  4. An app for both phone and computer
  5. A bottle of soda/beer.

If your items are ready, then follow my lead

Before you start, make sure your bluetooth from phone to PC is working correctly. If you are using WiFi, make sure the phone and PC are connected to the same router/ WiFi network.

Don’t be afraid. It won’t need an internet connection to work but you will need some data connection to download few files.

1. The first think you need to do is download this software on your computer from this website…

Download one for your computer and download one for your phone. Make sure you download the correct files and install. There is an iOS version, android version and Windows version. Check well before you download

2. launch the installed file on your computer. You should see something like the photo below.

How to use remote control for your pc

3. Install the mobile version of the file on your phone and you should see a similar screen as the one below.

WhatsApp Image 2018 01 18 at 15.26.08

4. If you are using bluetooth connection, connect your bluetooth to your PC and click on the bluetooth icon in the app on your phone. If you are using a WiFi connection, make sure both PC and phone are connected to the same WiFi network/ router and click on the WiFi icon in the app on your phone. Click on the WiFi icon in the app to search for your PC.

5. The name of your PC will show below then all you will have to do is to click it and you should be connected. The first screen is a mouse. That’s by default. There are so many icons at the top and each represents a different mode. Tap and explorer one after the other.

6. Now grab the bottle of soda/beer, sit down and take your new found PC remote for a ride.

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