iPhone Battery Problems After Updating To iOS

Lots of iPhone users are complaining about iPhone battery problems after updating their operating systems to the latest iOS 14.2. Could this be a bug in the latest iOS? What is the Solution?

Apple released its latest iOS 14.2 in early November this year with lots of new features and functions. Lots of security patches and enhancements too. However, many iPhone and iPad users are complaining about how their batteries drain faster than it use to when they were using the older version of iOS.

According to the reports, lots of iPhone users experienced over 50% battery power loss in less than 30 minutes after charge. They also indicated that the loading times take longer than usual.

The users took to Apple support platforms including Reddit, twitter and all other Apple support forums.

The problems as described in particular with some of the older Apple mobile devices including, iPhone X, iPhone XR, iPhone XS, iPhone 8, iPhone 7, and first-generation iPhone SE. Similarly, drawbacks have been identified in the iPad Pro 2018 with iPadOS 14.2.

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Some people also claim the Battery health metric dropped rapidly after the update, while others report their phones getting very hot during charging and using.

The drawback could possibly be a bug in iOS 14.2 since lots of users have identified the issue and logged lots of complaints about it.

The company has released a beta version of iOS 14.3 and iPad OS 14.3, so the issue is expected to be fixed after you install this update.

For now, you can check some of the reports in the photo below.

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