Make Up To 1BTC Per Year Just Browsing Without Any Capital

How much is 1BTC now? As at the time of this article, BTC was few over USD $29,000.

Just imagine if you can make that much in a year without any investment?

It is possible to get 1BTC in a year without any investment and I am going to teach you a simple way to get there.

In order to get bitcoin, there must be few things in place. These includes, mining rigs, mining pool and BTC wallet. Not forgetting power source and internet bills.

Looking at these things and the current price of BTC, you will need like 1BTC in order to start earning BTC.

Truth be told, you don’t want to spend that much and that is why you are here at the first place. I perfectly agree with you.

What if there is a way around this without spending a dime? Are you going to take that Chance?

In this article I’m going to show you a simple browser that will allow you to make money just browsing.

It is a simple browser that when installed, you can generate bitcoin when browsing with it. It doesn’t use extra bundle. It only uses your CPU power to mine Bitcoin and then you get a share of that Bitcoin.

You can also invite other users and when they earn a Bitcoin using your link, you get a commission on that. Use this link to download the browser, sign up and start earning free Bitcoin.

After clicking on the link above, just click on Download but make sure you download the appropriate file type for your device. Check from the image below.


Download this Bitcoin browser rightnow and start making money online. If you have no idea what Bitcoin is all about, then you can read my earlier article on Bitcoin. Bitcoin And How To Get One For Free

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