NSFAS Contact Details for Quick Support

Don’t want to be delayed while seeking help? Here are all NSFAS contact details where you can get help really fast without any delays.

Are you in need of quick and reliable support from the National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS)? Look no further! I have all the NSFAS contact details you need to get the assistance you deserve.

Whether you’re a student or a concerned parent, understanding how to reach NSFAS for support is crucial, and I am here to make it easy for you.

Earlier, eduhintz.com published a few articles about the NSFAS online application. Even though the application procedure is outlined properly so you can go through it with ease, technical issues, and others might get in the way sometimes.


When you face technical challenges, you will need help as fast as possible and that is why I am here providing you with all the NSFAS contact details that will get you help in no time.

I will group all the contact details so take a look at the table of contents below and visit the appropriate link to help you see the contacts you want.

NSFAS Contact Details for Quick Support

Below is a list of all the contact details you might want to reach out to when you face any challenge at all.

1. NSFAS contact centre

The quickest way to get in touch with NSFAS is through their contact center. You can call them toll-free at 08000 NSFAS (08000 67327). They’re available to assist you from Monday to Friday, 08:30 to 17:00.

This is your direct line to their friendly and knowledgeable support team, who can help you with a wide range of queries, from NSFAS application status updates to funding-related concerns.

You can also use the NSFAS USSD short code *120*67327#.

2. NSFAS online support

NSFAS understands the importance of digital communication. You can also contact them online by visiting their official website at www.nsfas.org.za.

On the website, you can access a variety of helpful resources and even submit queries through their online portal. Just visit the “Contact Us” section, and you’ll find an array of options to choose from.

3. NSFAS Social Media

Stay updated and reach out to NSFAS through their social media channels. They are active on platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

You can also send your WhatsApp messages on +27 78 519 8006

Follow them at @myNSFAS to get the latest news and send them a direct message if you have any questions or concerns. Their social media team is dedicated to providing timely responses.

4. NSFAS Regional Offices

If you prefer face-to-face interactions, NSFAS has regional offices across South Africa. You can find the address and contact details of the office nearest to you on their website.

You can also find the head office address below.

The Halyard,
4 Christiaan Barnard St,
Cape Town City Centre,
Cape Town, 8001

Pay them a visit during their office hours if you require in-person assistance or have documents to submit.

5. Email Contact

For those who prefer the written word, you can also reach NSFAS via email. Send your inquiries to [email protected], and they will respond to you as soon as possible. Be sure to include your contact information and a clear description of your query for a quicker response.

6. Postal Address

If you need to send physical documents or correspondence to NSFAS, you can use their postal address:

National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) Private Bag X1,
Plumstead, 7801,
South Africa

Now that you have all the NSFAS contact details at your fingertips, don’t hesitate to reach out whenever you need assistance or have questions about your financial aid. NSFAS is committed to helping South African students achieve their educational goals, and they are just a call, click, or visit away.

Save these NSFAS contact details, they will come in handy.


Remember, when reaching out to NSFAS for support, it’s essential to have your relevant information, such as your ID number and student reference number, ready to facilitate a smoother process. Whether you’re applying for financial aid, checking your funding status, or have any other concerns related to your education, NSFAS is here to assist you every step of the way.

Stay connected with NSFAS, and let them help you on your educational journey. Don’t let unanswered questions or concerns hold you back; use these NSFAS contact details to get the support you need. Your dreams of a brighter future are within reach, and NSFAS is here to support you all the way!

For more information and updates, visit NSFAS at www.nsfas.org.za. Get in touch today and make the most of your educational opportunities with NSFAS by your side.

Remember to bookmark this page for future reference so you can access these NSFAS contact details whenever you need them. Wishing you the best of luck with your education and financial aid journey!

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