School Interviews Code - The Best Way To Book School Interviews

School Interviews Code | The Best Way To Book School Interviews

The School Interviews code is one of the very important things you need when booking a school interview as a parent or guardian.

In this simple tutorial, I will teach you how to book school interviews with your ward’s school as a parent or guardian.

In an earlier article, I gave out some detailed Student Interviews Tips That Will Help any Student Dominate Any Form Of School Interview.

This particular article will focus on helping the parent, teacher or student to book an online school interview using one of the major school interview websites.

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What is a school interview?

The word “interview” is used generally everywhere and it means a consultation between two bodies where the hosting body asks most of the questions and the attendant provides most of the answers.

Institutions and individuals conduct interviews purposely to know more about the other body attending the interview.

Schools also conduct different types of interviews all the time to know more about their students or parents. Sometimes, parents even book interviews with their ward’s teacher so they can know more about the teacher.

There are times when schools also open interview opportunities for parents or guardians to get to know how their wards are faring and in return contribute with suggestions to help make teaching and learning better for their wards.

Interviews are part of life and as we grow, we will find ourselves appearing for interviews often.

School Interviews Code

The School interviews code is a given code that helps parents or guardians to book interviews.

Most school interviews in Australia and New Zealand are conducted online so you will need this school interviews code to be able to book an interview with a particular school.

Someone might be asking; How do I get a school interviews code?

Well, that is not much of a problem. Usually, when schools open interview opportunities, they put out their school interviews code. You can easily get this code via email if you signed up for notifications or you can retrieve it from the particular school’s website.

How to book school interviews using the school interviews code

Booking a school interview is very easy. You must first have the school interviews code of the particular school you want to book the interview with before you start this process.

School Interviews Code - The Best Way To Book School Interviews
School Interviews Code – The Best Way To Book School Interviews
  • Click on “Make A Booking” at the top right corner of the page. You should land on a page similar to the one in the image below.
School Interviews Code
School Interviews Code
  • After entering the booking code, enter your personal information on the next page. Including your valid email address and name.
  • Now, select the particular teacher you would like to book an interview with. If you want to book multiple interviews, simply click on “Add another teacher” and add your next interviews.
  • Select the times you would like to attend the interviews. If you selected multiple interviews, then you will have to select different times per the number of interviews you are booking.
  • You will see the next screen which will show you the overview of your entire bookings. You can edit your bookings if you feel there are some things you would like to change. There is an option to even add more on this page too.

If everything looks good, simply click on the Confirmation button to book your interviews.

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