UCT Vula And All Its Hidden Features You Should Know

UCT Vula is the Learning Management System(LMS) for the University of Cape Town. Here is a guide to show you all the hidden features you must utilize.

Most universities keep the name “Sakai” to their LMS but UCT’s LMS has the name Vula. It is still running on the same Open Source Sakai LMS that most universities use.

The LMS is a system that makes learning and teaching very easy. It makes it possible for both lecturers and students to still do their work without physical contact.

There are so many things students can do with UCT Vula LMS.

How UCT Vula Works

The Vula platform is mainly to help students to learn remotely. The system has two sides which are the administrator end and the user end.

The Administrators who are the staff and lecturers of UCT will create the content for students on the platform. Students on the other hand which is the User end, will access the contents, learn and take quizzes related to the contents.

Regardless of the location of a student, they can still access the platform provided they have the right logins and internet connection.

All students can log in using their UCT email and password. There is also a Guest account on request that users can use which will allow other external email logins.

Vula Features

There are so many features available for students and all other users of the Vula portal. I will list some of the features below.

  • The main purpose of the platform is for teaching and learning.
  • There is also the feature where students can create their own sites to store their own personal data.
  • The platform has an events management calendar that allows you to track dates and timetables.
  • There are research groups and discussion forums that students can join to make their learning and sharing of ideas even easier.
  • Collaborative features in the platform also allow students to collaborate and work on projects regardless of distance.
  • There is a quize feature that allows students to write their quizzes online when necessary.

UCT Vula Login

You can log into the platform from any web browser. It is very important to also log in from a computer or your laptop. The larger the screen, the better the experience.

  • To log in, simply type “https://vula.uct.ac.za/portal” into your web browser address bar.
  • Enter your UCT network username and password.

That is it, you should successfully log in.

There is also a Guest account that allows you to log in using other email addresses. For guest accounts, you must request them from the UCT ICTS.

You will receive access via the email address you will provide for the account. If you receive the “Welcome to Vula” email, you must set a password.

That is the password and email address you will use to log into the account.

You might also want to check out the full Vula Login Tutorial PDF file.

If you have any issues accessing your account, you must always contact support through the following details.

Email: [email protected]

Call: 021 650 5500.


In short, you can’t study at the University of Cape Town without using the Vula portal. It is very important to know how to use the portal and how to utilize all its features.

As far as your life at UCT is concerned, you should be able to utilize all the available tools. Do not forget to contact ICTS if you have problems with the platform.

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