The Best Way To Book VUW Study Rooms

There are several VUW study rooms available for both students and all VUW library users to make good use of.

In this short article, I have listed the number of VUW study rooms available at the Victoria University of Wellington.

The VUW study rooms serve as one of the most effective rooms that all the students used to prepare themselves before they even sit for their final exams.

You can locate VUW study rooms across all campuses inside any of the Victoria University of Wellington libraries.

The VUW study rooms are given to all students by the VUW Library. The rooms provided mostly contain laptops and mostly personal Computers with well-specialized software that is well-programmed to help all users with their studies.

How To Book VUW Study Rooms

The booking of the study room at the Victoria University of Wellington is done during the Victoria University Library working hours and the days. One student can only book one VUW study room at a time. Booking multiple rooms is not allowed per the Victoria University of Wellington Library rules. The booking can be done by using the link given by MyPC.

The VUW study rooms are available for only the Victoria University of Wellington students. Students from other institutions will not be able to book the study room.

The study rooms are for group study purposes too not for only personal studies. Also, no staff workers are allowed to work or study in the Victoria University of Wellington study rooms.

Also, all the Library staff reserve the right to cancel or to re-allocate a booking or to seek if the;

  • all students who make a booking for a room do not change it within 15 minutes of the booking.
  • rooms are to be used by a person other than the student who has a new booking
  • rooms are being used by an individual
  • room is being used for a purpose other than study
  • the behaviour of the users is inappropriate

This is in place to ensure the proper and regulated use of the Victoria University of Wellington study rooms.

Study room booking guidelines

  • I advise all the students at the Victoria University of Wellington who have made a booking of study rooms for two or more students to do this in advance.
  • Do not forget your booking for study to turn in within 15 minutes or else the booking will be given to another student or will be cancelled according to the study room’s rules and regulations.
  • Your booking limitation is up to only 7 days. No other days will be added as an advance or additional room.
  • Students are also advised to study in groups rather than studying in person and also they should ensure silent studies in some study rooms in the various libraries on campus.
  • Please also do not forget as a student who has to make a booking to study in the VUW study rooms switch off all your electronic devices most especially your mobile phones.

Booking For Laptops At VUW Study Rooms

The Victoria University of Wellington libraries also allow students to book laptops to help make their studies easier. This offer is for only victoria University students. They are only accessible during Library hours.

The Library laptops and notebooks are available for all Victoria University students for only five good days. No extensions are allowed.

The following are the major reasons why there are laptops and notepads available for booking.

  • On the Victoria University campus or within the Library to the supplement Library demand
  • for use in study rooms
  • for presentations
  • supplement teaching requirements such as for exanimation
  • for students studying through Digital and Remote Learning Mode due to the pandemic called COVID 19

Also, all students can ask every sort of question that is bothering them by using the link to contact the library staff through LibChat to also check if the laptop is available.

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