3 MiFi Hacks I Use Everyday

Does it feel like you need some really cool hacks for some MiFi? Well, you are at the right place because I am the one person who uses MiFi hacks almost everyday. 

In this simple tutorial, I will teach you three of the amazing MiFi hacks I use everyday. 

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1 .Using MiFi as pc remote

This is one of the most awesome hacks I use most of the time. I have 3 different computers and whenever I turn all the three computers on, with the help of my MiFi I’m able to use my smartphone as remote control for all the three computers simultaneously. 

I have written a tutorial on how to do that here: How To Use Your Smart Phone As Remote Control For Your PC/Laptop.

Someone will ask: “Can’t Bluetooth achieve the same goal?

Absolutely NO…. Of course Bluetooth can be used if you want to make your smartphone a remote control for your PC but trust me, it will work for only one PC at a time. 

2. Using MiFi as wireless projector

This is one of the most awesome things I do everyday and people are always surprised how I do it. 

With the help of my MiFi, I’m able to project the screen of my phone or any other device connected to my network onto my Polaroid smart tv. This is an awesome way to project screens that are way too small to a bigger screen. 

You don’t need any application software to make this happen. All you need is a tv that supports wireless display,  a MiFi and smartphone or laptop.

3. Saving money

Someone will ask: “How do I save money with a MiFi?” 

Simple, not buying data bundle on my phone while still buying monthly data on my MiFi. All I do is always take my MiFi with me wherever I go so that I can save that bit of data bundle  fee and still enjoy high speed internet. Even if I’m not saving money with that, at least I’m saving myself the embarrassment of a slow internet.

The battery of a Mifi last at least 10 hours so it is just easy to carry them anywhere. 

What I don’t want to talk about

There is this hack that I didn’t want to talk about because it is absolutely illegal but I’m telling you so that you will be careful not to fall victim to it. 

Hackers bait WiFi fiends with their wireless connections. They will either make their wireless coverage public but won’t add any password or they add a cheap password like “12345678”. 

Every WiFi fiend is always searching for free or cheap WiFi coverage to take advantage of. Immediately you connect, you might think you just hacked someone’s  wireless network but on the other hand, you just got your device hacked.

Stay away from free and cheap wifi.

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