6 Hidden MTN Codes You Must Know in Ghana

Here are 6 hidden MTN codes you must know. From making free calls to getting free data bundles as well as getting special offers. All these codes will make your life a lot easier.

Can’t read the entire article? Check these Key Takeaways
1. Dial *5060# for discounted Association and SME data bundles.
2. Use *141# to access personalized data deals tailored to your usage patterns.
3. Farmers can benefit from the Farmer’s Bundle (*1848#) offering cost-effective communication options.
4. Explore special MTN offers and redeem loyalty points with *550#.
5. Manage all subscriptions conveniently with *175#.
6. General purpose codes include *124# for airtime balance and *170# for Mobile Money balance checks.

Are you an MTN user in Ghana looking to save money and access exclusive deals? Well, you’re in luck! This post will unveil some hidden MTN codes that can help you achieve just that. I will start with the most relevant MTN secret codes that you might even be searching for online.

Earlier, I provided a list of all the MTN Short codes. This is a simple guide and I won’t hold back but give you all the 6 hidden MTN codes that will help make using the network even more fun. Without wasting much of your time, let’s get started.

The 6 Hidden MTN Codes

6 Hidden MTN Codes You Must Know in Ghana

While you might be aware of some of these 6 hidden MTN codes already, there are still a few that you have to pick up. Definitely, there are some uses of these secret MTN codes you don’t know yet.

*5060# – Association / SME Bundles

First up, we have the code for discounted data bundles. By dialling *5060#, you can access Association and SME data bundles that are often significantly cheaper than regular plans.

This is perfect for businesses or groups looking to save some cash. It is also the perfect code for those who have been searching for MTN secret codes for bundles in Ghana.

To use this code, dial *5060# on your phone and select the package you would like to activate and start from there. Payment can be done using your airtime or MoMo balance.

*141# – MTN Just for You

Next, we have the personalized deals code. Dial *141# to discover data bundles specifically tailored to your usage patterns. MTN’s “Just for You” offers could provide the best value for your money, so it’s definitely worth checking out.

If you want some of the cheapest MTN data bundles, then this MTN secret code should be part on of your daily dial list.

To use, simply dial *141# and if you have offers available, you will see all your available offers. Note that these offers are tailored only to you. You can select any of the offers to purchase and you can only make payment through your airtime account.

*1848# – MTN AFA Bundle

Now, let’s move on to the Farmer’s Bundle (MTN AFA). By dialing *1848#, you can access a bundle that caters specifically to farmers.

For just GHC 6.00, you get 200 minutes of on-net calls, 20 minutes of off-net calls, and 50 SMS, all valid for 30 days. If you’re a farmer, this bundle is definitely worth considering. While this might be for farmers, some users who are not in the agricultural sector are also benefiting from this bundle.

It is a form of association bundle so make sure you read MTN’s terms and conditions on Association Bundles

To make use of this MTN secret code, you must first be registered on the service. The next step is to dial *1848# and select the package you want to activate. All payments for activation are made from your MoMo wallet. You can also subscribe as many times as you want.

*550# – MTN Offers

Another useful code is *550#. This code allows you to explore a range of special MTN offers, including loyalty points that can be redeemed for airtime and data bundles. You can also purchase data bundles directly from this menu, making it a convenient one-stop shop.

If you ask me which is the secret code to get free data in Ghana, I will gladly type this amazing shortcode for you. It is exactly what it says it does.

To use this code, simply dial *550# and you have all of the different available offers to choose from.

*175# – MTN Content Manager Shortcode

If you’re someone who subscribes to various services, you’ll want to remember the code *175#. This code takes you to the MTN Content Manager, where you can manage all your subscriptions. From this menu, you can subscribe to new services, view your existing ones, and even add or remove subscriptions with ease.

If you experience some unexplained credit deductions often, you should dial this code. You might have subscribed some services unintentionally.

To use this code, simply dial *175# and you will have the list of options and you can choose depending on exactly what you would like to do.

General Purpose Codes

As a bonus tip, don’t forget the general purpose codes that everyone should know. To check your airtime balance, simply dial *124#. And if you’re an MTN Mobile Money user, you can check your balance by dialling *170#. Having these codes handy can make your life a lot easier.

These might not be an MTN secret code you never knew. But trust me, these codes are relevant everywhere.

So, there you have it – 6 hidden MTN codes that can help you save money, access exclusive deals, and manage your services more efficiently. Give them a try and see how they can enhance your MTN experience!

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