How To Get Free Data Bundle On MTN Ghana Network

Do you know you can get free data bundle on MTN Ghana network without doing anything? Read on, I will give you simple ways to get your first gigabytes for free.

If you are one of the people who want to know how to get free data bundle, then you are at the right place. Data bundles let you use the internet on your phone. Getting free data allows you to save money.

This article will show you some tricks to get free data bundles on MTN Ghana Network. The data bundles you can get for free are usually small. But free data is still helpful.

Can’t read the entire article, read these Key Takeaways
MTN offers free data rewards; explore reward options for data bundles.
Check for data bundles after using “Free After 1” service for calls.
Install MyMTN and Ayoba apps for an instant 50MB data boost.
Halting data use may trigger larger free data bundles from MTN.

How do I get MTN 1GB data for free?

To get free MTN data for as much as 1GB, simply dial *550#. Select option 7 for Loyalty rewards. Option two to redeem your points. Note that the more you use your MTN see, the more data you can get for free using this method.

Even small free data bundles can be useful. This article will help you learn how to find free data from MTN. That way you can use the internet without spending any of your own money.

In case you have your money and you are only looking a for a way to purchase your own bundle, then check out this guide we wrote earlier about All the Latest MTN Ghana Data Bundles. 

How to get free data bundles on MTN 

There are several ways to get some free data bundles. However, these four simple methods are the tested and working methods that you must try. 

1. Claim MTN Loyalty Rewards

MTN has a program that rewards you for using their service. It is called MTN Rewards. This program will give you free data bundles sometimes.

You also can get free airtime or gift cards with your points. When you do certain things on MTN, you earn reward points. Then you can use your points to get these free rewards.

To check if you have a free data bundle reward:

  1. Dial *550# on your phone
  2. Choose option 7 for MTN Rewards
  3. Select option 99 for More
  4. Pick option 2 to trade your points for a data bundle
  5. Choose option 2 to redeem points specifically for data

After you redeem your points, MTN will send your phone a free data bundle. Make sure to use the data bundle before it expires.

2. Get 50MB of Free Data Bundle on MTN Ghana every day

MTN has a service called “Free After 1” or “Nkomode.” This lets you make cheap phone calls.

Here is how it works:

  • You pay 30 pesewas for the first 1 minute of a call
  • After 1 minute, the rest of the call is free
  • Calls last up to 5 minutes to other networks
  • Calls last up to 1 hour to other MTN users

Here is the trick to get free data:

Make one call using Free After 1 every day. Make at least 1 minute of paid calling. When you do this, MTN will give your account 50MB of free data that day!

You can use the 50MB to browse the internet that day. Then call again the next day to get another 50MB.

To Subscribe for the MTN Free After 1, dial *550# on your MTN phone and select option 6 to activate.

3. Install MTN App Or Ayoba App

MTN has an official app called MyMTN. Ayoba is another chat app made by MTN.

When you install either app, MTN will automatically give your phone 50MB of free data!

So you should download these apps:

The apps are available in the Google Play Store on Android phones. Or in the App Store on iPhones.

After downloading either app, check your MTN account. You will see you received 50MB of free data just for installing the MTN app.

You can use the 50MB of data however you want. Then if someone else in your family installs the MTN apps too, they can also get 50MB of free data.

Installing MTN apps is an easy way to get a little bit of free data.

On consequent purchases, you can use the MTN Mobile Money app. This will help you get 50% more data for free.

4. Not Using Data for 1-3 Months

Here is another trick that may get you a large free data bundle:

Do not use any data on your MTN SIM card for 1 month, 2 months, or 3 months. This means:

  • Do not buy any data bundles
  • Do not browse the internet
  • Do not use any apps that require data

If you avoid using mobile data for a few months, MTN may send your phone a free gift!

Some people who tried this got a 500MB or 900MB data bundle for free. But MTN sent it automatically without asking.

This does not always work. Some people got free data bundles but others did not. We do not know what causes MTN to send the free data gift.

But if you want to try it:

  1. Stop using mobile data for 1 month
  2. After the month, check your MTN account balance
  3. You might find MTN gave your number some free data!

If you get any large free data bundles using this trick, please let me know! But no guarantee it will work.

If non of these works for you, then you should try reading about How to get cheap data bundles on MTN Ghana. It is a comprehensive guide we wrote earlier that will help you get more data bundle for less.


This article showed you some tricks to get free data bundles on MTN. Here is a quick summary:

  1. Claim rewards points from the MTN Loyalty program. Sometimes you can redeem points for data bundles.
  2. Use the “Free After 1” service to make cheap calls. Making one call a day with this gets you 50MB of free data.
  3. Download the MyMTN and Ayoba apps. Installing each one gives you 50MB of data.
  4. Try stopping data use on your MTN SIM for 1-3 months. Some people get 500MB+ in free data gifts after a few months. But this is not guaranteed.

Even though the free data bundles are small, free data is still helpful. You can use it to read emails, use Messenger, read news online, or listen to music.

So try out some of these methods to save on your internet costs. And take advantage of MTN freebies when you can. Data costs money on MTN, so enjoy tricking them for some free data!

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