Aliexpress Standard Shipping Vs Other Methods

There are many different shipping methods to choose from when buying on Aliexpress.

  • China Post Ordinary Small Packet Plus
  • AliExpress Standard Shipping
  • AliExpress Premium Post
  • EMS
  • DHL
  • Seller’s Shipping Method

All the above are some of Aliexpress shipping methods. Someone will ask; “Why are there so many different shipping methods?” It all boils down to buyer preference and depending on the country of the seller, you will see even more different shipping methods.

While some buyers are interested in quality products for cheap price, some just don’t care about how much they spend on one product. While some buyers can wait getting to two months for their product to arrive, some just can’t wait and are ready to pay the extra cost for their products to arrive faster. That is the reason why there have to be different shipping methods.

What is the difference between these shipping methods?

China post ordinary small packet plus

This most of the time is a Free shipping method for shipping small parcels to the customer. Most Chinese Aliexpress stores use this shipping method for their small parcels.

The buyer doesn’t pay for shipping or sometimes pays just a little amount when the seller is using this shipping method but the package takes between 34 to 56 days to arrive at the destination.


Aliexpress Standard Shipping

This is a logistics company that belongs to Alibaba Group. You can get this as a shipping method when you make a purchase on Aliexpress or any website that belongs to the Alibaba Group.

You pay a fee depending on the size and weight of your package when shipping through this method. Packages shipped through this method takes between 32 – 50 Days to arrive at the destination.

Aliexpress Premium Shipping

The Alibaba Group owned logistics company also has a premium shipping service. This service adds an extra layer of security to your package and makes it get to the destination as fast as possible i.e: Between 7 to 15 days, the fastest shipping method on Aliexpress.

Sounds great…. Right? But don’t forget you will have to pay more than ten times what you will pay when shipping with Aliexpress Standard Shipping.

Aliexpress Standard Shipping Vs Aliexpress Premium Shipping
Aliexpress Standard Shipping Vs Aliexpress Premium Shipping



This is also one of the common shipping methods you will see when making a purchase on the Aliexpress website. Shipping through this method will take roughly between 17 to 27 days for the package to get to the destination country.

This shipping method has a very secured system of shipping and accurate methods for tracking your package but it  is quiet expensive compared to the other methods mentioned earlier.



This is an international shipping company which started from Germany but it is the most popular shipping company in my country. Items shipped through this service are more secured and have simple tracking systems.

This shipping method is quiet expensive and items shipped will arrive between 10 to 15 days.



Why you should ship with Aliexpress Standard Shipping

Most people are scared of shipping with Aliexpress standard shipping because of the myth; “Cheaper is low quality“. Quality has absolutely nothing to do with price. This shipping method is quiet cheap but that doesn’t mean it is not safe.

If there is something I have learnt from Alibaba Group over the years I have been shopping with their website, then that will be the fact that they try as much as possible to build a satisfied customer base. They handle your items with care so you can get satisfied with their products and services enough to recommend it someone else or come back for more.

Is this method of shipping safe?

I will say “YES” a hundred times if you ask this same question in hundred different ways. I have been shipping my items most of the time through this service and not for once did the item never arrived.  I don’t have any problem at all with this service.

If customer gets a bad experience using this shipping method, it will not affect only the shipping method but the entire Alibaba Group so they work really hard to make sure no customer will feel unsatisfied with this service.

Most customers only complain about the time range at which the product gets to the destination country. Well… That is not a problem at all. If you want your goods to arrive faster, you pay extra and use Aliexpress Premium Shipping. That is the fastest shipping method on the entire website.

Why you don’t see much shipping methods during a purchase

There are instances where you will see only one shipping method.

One shipping method
One shipping method

Its quiet unfortunate Aliexpress didn’t make it compulsory for all sellers to include all the shipping methods in their stores and because of that, some sellers don’t give the buyer any choice to select a desired shipping method.

Most of the time, the sellers prefer to ship through their own shipping method instead of a method chosen by the buyer. It doesn’t change anything tho… As long as the goods will get to you, there is no problem at all.



As you can see there are many different shipping methods when buying from Aliexpress. While some sellers give you different types of shipping methods to choose from, others prefer to ship your item by their own methods.

At the end of the day, customers who care more about the time range of the arrival of the item get to make their choice and those who don’t care about the cost of shipping will also make their choice.

Don’t be afraid when you are choosing a shipping method just go ahead and choose depending on which you can afford or how fast you want the item to arrive.

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