Top 2 Ways to Create PayPal Account in Ghana

Did you know that despite Ghana being on PayPal’s blocklist, you can still create PayPal account in Ghana and still verify with your Ghanaian details?

The blocklist creates a big problem for people in Ghana who sell things online. It means they can’t use PayPal, which is a popular way to pay for stuff online. Without PayPal, it’s hard for them to sell things to people in other countries. Some try other ways to get paid, but they often have to pay a lot of extra money in fees. Also, they don’t get as much money because of bad exchange rates.

Even though the Vice President said in 2018 that Ghana would get PayPal by 2020, it’s now 2024, and nothing has changed. Without PayPal, businesses in Ghana can’t reach as many customers around the world.

But there are ways to get around the PayPal problem. Yes, you can create PayPal account in Ghana, send, withdraw and even fund your PayPal in Ghana. Let’s talk about two ways you can still use PayPal in Ghana to grow your online business.

What is PayPal?

PayPal is an online payment method or gateway. It also lets you send money to other people or businesses without needing to use cash or checks. You can use PayPal to buy things from websites or to send money to friends or family. It’s like having a digital wallet that you can use to make payments securely over the internet.

Key Benefits of Using PayPal

  • Easy Payments
    PayPal makes it simple to pay for things online. You just need to log in to your account and click a few buttons to send money.
  • Security
    PayPal keeps your financial information safe. You don’t have to share your credit or debit card details with every website you buy from.
  • Convenience
    With PayPal, you can pay for things from your computer, tablet, or phone. It’s convenient because you can do it from anywhere with an internet connection.
  • Buyer Protection
    If you buy something online and it doesn’t arrive or it’s not what you expected, PayPal can help you get your money back.
  • International Transactions
    PayPal lets you pay for things in different currencies. So, if you buy something from another country, PayPal will take care of the currency exchange for you.
  • Accept Payments
    If you sell things online, PayPal is a good way for people to pay you. They can use their PayPal balance, credit card, or bank account to send you money.

Why PayPal Does Not Work in Ghana

PayPal doesn’t work in Ghana because Ghana is on PayPal’s “blocklist.” This means that people in Ghana can’t use PayPal to send or receive money online. The main reason for this is that PayPal has certain rules and regulations for each country where it operates.

For Ghana, it might be because of issues like fraud or other concerns. So, even though many people in Ghana want to use PayPal, they can’t because of these rules. This makes it hard for Ghanaian businesses and individuals to do things like buy and sell stuff online or send money to friends and family abroad using PayPal.

What you don’t know about PayPal

There are some key important things you must note about PayPal which will help you understand the concept of creating PayPal even when Ghana is on the block list.

  • PayPal has two different accounts. There is a Personal PayPal account and there is a Business one. While Ghana can’t be selected as the country of residence in Personal PayPal, you can select it as the country of incorporation when creating a business PayPal.
  • The Business PayPal account relies on a Personal PayPal account so you must first have a Personal PayPal before creating a Business one.
  • PayPal works in many countries but there are restrictions to which extent they can use PayPal. Some can only send but can not receive. Some can send and receive but can not withdraw. There is a full list of countries by feature on the PayPal website.
  • You need a valid ID card and an active phone number in your residence country to create a PayPal account.

Just divulging this information should give you a fair idea of how to Create PayPal account in Ghana and verify it easily.

How do you Create PayPal Account in Ghana?

There are different ways you can create PayPal account in Ghana and I will let you in on all the necessary ways.

Disclaimer: Note that this is not legal since Ghana is on the PayPal blocklist, which means they do not want you to use PayPal in Ghana. This article is just for educational purposes. If you decide to try out this tutorial, you do it at your own risk.
In terms of financial loss or legal issues, will not be held responsible.

Method 1: Creating PayPal with your Ghana Details

To create PayPal account in Ghana, you have to take advantage of the fact that you can select Ghana as the country of incorporation for a business.

The concept is very simple. Select one of the countries that have full PayPal access, create the account using that country as your country of residence, convert the account to a business account and use the country Ghana as the country of incorporation for the business. Let’s delve into the full tutorial below.


  • The selected residence country’s active phone number.
  • Valid Ghana ID Card / Passport
  • Business Certificate / TIN Number (The Hardcopy Certificate)

If you have the above-mentioned items ready, then proceed to the next step.

Step 1: Acquire a PayPal-accepted virtual number

If you don’t have anyone outside Ghana to give you accepted phone numbers, then you will have to buy a virtual number. Some of the best countries you can use when creating your PayPal account in Ghana are; Botswana, Lesotho, Mozambique, Bulgaria, El Salvador, Jamaica, Honduras, and Lithuania.

These countries I mentioned are countries you can easily get virtual numbers for. Also, these are countries that have send, receive and withdraw features for PayPal.

You can acquire virtual numbers by simply Googling “PayPal accepted virtual numbers” and make sure you add the particular country you would like to create the PayPal from. Do not use free virtual numbers as they are easily blacklisted.

Step 2: Create Personal PayPal account.

Start by creating a personal PayPal account.

  • Visit and click on the sign-up button. Make sure you select Personal on the Sign-up Page.
How do you Create PayPal Account in Ghana - Signup page
  • After clicking on the Get Started button, you will land on a different page where you will be required to select your country of residence. Select the country that you got the country that you got the virtual number for. Note that not all countries will make PayPal request a phone number verification but it is just right to have a phone number for the particular country residence you would like to impersonate.
  • You will be required to enter your email address. Enter a valid email address.
  • On the next screen, you might be asked to verify your phone number. Enter the phone number and verify with the OTP that will be sent to the virtual number.
  • From there onwards, you will have to provide your name, ID number and address. You can provide a random address in the country you are impersonating but do well to provide your name as it is on your ID card and a valid Ghanaian ID Card number.
  • From there, you will have access to your personal PayPal dashboard. You will also receive a link in your inbox. Make sure to click it to verify your email address.

Now you have successfully created a PayPal account in Ghana. The next thing is to go ahead and turn your Personal PayPal into a Business one. In this case, if you are required to submit documents for verification, you will have absolutely nothing to worry about.

Upgrade to PayPal Business

From your Personal PayPal dashboard, navigate to Account Settings.

Upgrade to PayPal Business

From the account settings menu, click on “Business Information” from the business section of the account settings.

You will have to provide some business information. Provide a business name if you have a registered business in Ghana. If not, then provide your name as the business name. If you decide to provide your business name, make sure you have a bank account for your business with some sort of transaction history.

Next, provide your address as a business address. It should be the same address that will appear on your bank statement as well as the same address on your TIN certificate. You should have something similar to the one in the screenshot below after submitting your information.

How to create PayPal in Ghana - Business Information

That is how you create a PayPal account in Ghana even with the country restriction. If PayPal requests ID verification, simply send the scanned copy of the ID card with the ID number you used during registration. You might also be asked to provide business documents in which case you should provide a scanned copy of your business certificate / TIN number. You might also be asked to provide a bank statement you should also be able to do if you followed through the guide exactly as I wrote it.

This is not the only way to create PayPal account in Ghana. There is another interesting and more secure way to create an account compared to the first one.

Method 2: Create via a third-party

To create PayPal account via third parties, you need some level of trust and there are two different ways you can do this too.

1. Create PayPal account in Ghana via a friend

This only works if you know someone who resides in a country where PayPal works effectively. All you have to do is ask them to create a PayPal account for you in their name and verify with their phone number.

In this case, if they create Personal PayPal in their name, it will be easy for them to verify when there is an issue. As soon as they give you access to the PayPal they created for you, you can upgrade it to a business account that bears your name or your Ghana-registered business.

Make sure to have a scanned copy of your TIN certificate ready if you are upgrading to your name. This will help you verify in case PayPal requests extra documents.

2. Incorporate your business in the UK, USA or Canada.

Companies like can help you incorporate your company in UK, USA or Canada regardless of your country of residence. The package comes with all the major payment gateways including PayPal and Wise.

You will also get a fully registered company with all the business registration documents sent to you via email. You will also have an office location in the country where you will decide to incorporate the business. However, this is one of the most expensive ways to get a verified PayPal account.

The fact that it comes with a business registration makes it very expensive. Depending on how serious you would like to have a safe PayPal account, you can go with this option.

If you are looking for ways to create PayPal account in Ghana, these are some of the ways you can easily do that.

PayPal Best Practices

Even if you find a way around the rule that says people in Ghana can’t use PayPal, you still need to follow all the rules for using PayPal. This means you have to do things like verify your account and make sure your transactions are safe and legal. Even though it might seem like a hassle, it’s important to follow these rules so you can use PayPal without any problems.

Below are some PayPal best practices that you should take note of.

  • Secure Password
    Choose a strong password for your PayPal account that includes a mix of letters, numbers, and special characters. Avoid using easily guessable passwords like your name or birthdate.
  • Two-Factor Authentication
    Enable two-factor authentication (2FA) for an extra layer of security. This usually involves receiving a code on your phone that you need to enter along with your password when logging in.
  • Verify Emails
    Be cautious of phishing emails pretending to be from PayPal. Always verify the sender’s email address and avoid clicking on suspicious links or providing personal information.
  • Review Transactions
    Regularly review your PayPal transactions to spot any unauthorized or suspicious activity. If you notice any unfamiliar transactions, report them to PayPal immediately.
  • Use Secure Networks
    Avoid logging into your PayPal account on public Wi-Fi networks or shared computers, as these may not be secure. Use a trusted and secure network when accessing your account.
  • Keep Software Updated
    Ensure that your computer or device’s operating system, web browser, and antivirus software are up to date to protect against security vulnerabilities.
  • Link Bank Account or Credit Card
    Linking your PayPal account to a bank account or credit card can offer additional protection and help resolve disputes more easily.
  • Check Seller Reputation
    When buying items online using PayPal, check the reputation of the seller and read reviews if possible. Avoid making transactions with sellers who have a poor reputation or limited information.
  • Use Buyer Protection
    Take advantage of PayPal’s Buyer Protection program for eligible purchases. This can provide you with a refund if your purchase doesn’t arrive or is significantly different from what was described.
  • Regularly Change Passwords
    Periodically change your PayPal password and avoid using the same password across multiple accounts to minimize the risk of unauthorized access.

How to Withdraw from PayPal in Ghana

Receiving money into your PayPal account is one thing and withdrawing from your account is another game on its own. It might seem impossible but when you look at it carefully, there are several ways to withdraw from your account.

You can easily withdraw from PayPal by adding an acceptable bank card to your account and withdrawing your funds through the card. I have written a full tutorial about How to withdraw from PayPal in Ghana using ExpressPay.

You can also withdraw from PayPal without using a card. Simply go to a trusted exchange website and exchange your PayPal funds for Bitcoin or any other currency you can easily withdraw in Ghana. Usually, exchanging it for USDT and accepting the transfer via Yellowcard is the best option. You can also check this tutorial I wrote earlier about How to withdraw from PayPal without a card.


While PayPal may not officially operate in Ghana due to restrictions, there are still ways for Ghanaians to leverage its benefits for online transactions. Despite being on the blocklist, individuals can create and verify PayPal accounts using certain strategies outlined in this article.

By understanding the limitations and navigating through them, Ghanaians can access a plethora of opportunities in the global marketplace. Whether you’re a business owner seeking to expand your reach or an individual looking for secure online payment options, PayPal offers a solution.

Remember to adhere to safe PayPal usage practices to protect your account and transactions. Utilize strong passwords, enable two-factor authentication, and verify emails to safeguard your account from unauthorized access and phishing attempts.

Furthermore, consider exploring alternative methods for withdrawing funds from your PayPal account, ensuring seamless access to your earnings.

Take action today to unlock the potential of PayPal for your online endeavours. Despite the challenges, with the right approach, you can harness the benefits of PayPal to enhance your financial activities and broaden your horizons in the digital world.

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