Best Carpentry Courses and Prices Guide for South Africans

Do you want to know about carpentry courses in South Africa? Do you want to know the prices or where to take one? This simple guide provides the information you would like to know about these on-demand courses in South Africa.

With the South African job market expanding quickly, learning carpentry has become vital for people looking to advance themselves personally and professionally. This guide intends to give a comprehensive look at the top carpentry courses on offer, what they cost, and how soon-to-be carpenters can properly get ready for their schooling.

Why are Carpentry Courses Important?

Carpentry skills are highly useful across many industries and careers. Taking a formal carpentry course offers aspiring woodworkers numerous advantages, including:

  • Gaining expertise in tools, materials, and woodworking techniques
  • Learning safety procedures and standards for workshop environments
  • Developing skills in furniture construction, installation, repair, and renovation
  • Understanding architectural plans, drafts, and blueprints
  • Building knowledge of construction methods for housing, buildings, and other structures
  • Acquiring project management and business skills relevant to carpentry
  • Receiving credentials and certifications that validate carpentry skills
  • Getting hands-on practice through apprenticeships, internships, or workshop time
  • Expanding career opportunities and job prospects in construction, woodworking, and related fields

By investing in comprehensive carpentry training, aspiring carpenters can acquire the full range of skills and knowledge needed to succeed in this rewarding, in-demand career field.

Many accomplished carpenters highlight how their formal education provided a strong foundation for their work and opened doors to advancement. With diligent study and practice of carpentry best practices, new woodworkers can maximize their potential for job security and career satisfaction.

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Top Carpentry Schools and Institutions in South Africa

There are many schools where you can get carpentry courses in South Africa. While this list might not be a ranking of the schools, this list contains some of the top schools with good ratings from carpenters who studied there.

1. Mercury School of Woodwork

Mercury School of Woodwork teaches you how to make things from wood. They have classes where you can learn with your hands. The teachers show you how to use tools to cut, shape, and join wood. You will make furniture, art, and other neat things.

The school has workshops full of tools and machines. They want to help you become a skilled carpenter. You will learn a lot so you can build a career. Mercury School is in Cape Town, South Africa. If you want to work with wood, this is the place to learn.

Check below to find a screenshot of reviews from students who took carpentry courses at Mercury School of Woodwork.

Best Carpentry Courses and Prices Guide for South Africans - Mecury School of Woodwork
Best Carpentry Courses and Prices Guide for South Africans – Mecury School of Woodwork reviews

2. Majuba TVET College

At Majuba TVET College in South Africa, you can take Artisan Courses to learn carpentry. The college has programs to help you become a carpenter, builder, plumber, electrician, and more.

In the carpenter course, you will work with wood. The teachers show you how to use tools to cut, shape, join, and finish wood. You will make furniture, cabinets, and other items out of wood.

In the builder course, you will learn bricklaying, plastering, painting, and construction skills. The classes teach you to read plans and build houses and structures.

The Artisan Courses give you a certificate so you can start a career. At Majuba College, you get lots of hands-on practice in workshops with equipment.

If you want training in a construction or woodworking trade, Majuba TVET College has good programs.

3. Gautech Training Institute – Pretoria

Learn the art of carpentry at Gautech Training Institute in Pretoria, where comprehensive carpentry courses provide a thorough understanding of working with wood.

Through hands-on workshops, you’ll master the use of tools for cutting, shaping, joining, and finishing wood, all while prioritizing safety under the guidance of experienced teachers. The curriculum covers a spectrum of skills, from the fundamentals to advanced techniques, offering both short courses and full diploma programs.

At Gautech, you won’t just learn theoretical concepts; you’ll be actively engaged in creating furniture, constructing structures, and interpreting plans. The emphasis on practical, real-world applications ensures that graduates acquire tangible carpentry skills, ready to embark on a fulfilling career.

Whether you opt for a short course or pursue a full diploma, Gautech Training Institute is dedicated to providing hands-on experience, making you proficient in carpentry. Explore the opportunity to build, repair, and craft with wood by choosing Gautech Institute for your carpentry training needs in Pretoria.

You can take a quick look at a screenshot of reviews by some of the students from this institution below.

Best Carpentry Courses and Prices Guide for South Africans - Gautech Training Institute
Gautech Training Institute reviews

There are many other institutions in South Africa where you can take carpentry courses.

Online Carpentry Courses

Assuming you already have your own tools and just want to practice, you can take online carpentry courses. In this era of technology, everything is possible.

Below are some of the websites where you can take some of these online courses. While some of these courses might be free, there are others that you must pay for and you get a signed certificate at the end of your studies.

  1. Udemy Woodworking Courses:
    Udemy is one of the largest online course platforms. You can get some woodworking courses there for free or for just a little fee and study at your own pace.
  2. Skillshare Carpentry Classes:
    Skillshare also has some amazing woodworking courses that you can take a look at. You might be able to polish your skills as a professional using some of these courses.
    Alison also provides some good carpentry courses which you can study from the comfort of your home. If you are someone who wishes to take online courses, you can try this platform out.

Carpentry Courses Prices

The price to pay for a carpentry course varies from institution to institution. Most institutions offer short courses and others offer longer courses.

When it comes to pricing, the length of the course plays a major role. This is to say that the longer the course, the more money you will have to pay.

Below is a pricing table of one of the top woodworking institutions in South Africa. You can use this as a guide to estimate how much you might be looking at spending on your carpentry training.

Carpentry Course LevelDurationPrices
Basic Hand Skills (PW 1)15 DaysR6750
Basic Rigging (BTW)5 DaysR2250
Basic Carpentry 120 DaysR9000
Carpentry 220 DaysR9000
Carpentry 320 DaysR9000
Carpentry 420 DaysR9000

No matter the length of the course, you will acquire a certification at the end.


How long does a carpentry course take?

A carpentry course might take as short as 1 week and as long as 6 months. It all depends on the level of training you want. Most short courses teach carpenters who already have carpentry experiences some advanced skills.
Long courses on the other hand start with the basics and gradually move to the advanced carpentry level.
If you already have knowledge about carpentry and all the tools involved, your best option should be to go for a short course.

How much does carpentry course cost?

The cost of a carpentry course depends on the duration and level of skill training. Usually, a carpentry course will cost between R2,000 to R10,000 depending on the duration and level of skill training you want.
Longer courses might cost more than R10,000.

What qualifications do I need to study carpentry?

In South Africa, you must be able to understand basic mathematics and measurements to study carpentry. Apart from these, not much of a higher level educational background is required for a basic carpentry course.
However, professional carpenters are required to know how to read and understand drawings.

If you have more questions that have not been answered in this section, you can leave them below and we will reply as early as possible.


Learning carpentry can be a good step toward a better future. Whether you choose a school in South Africa or an online course, it’s a skill that can open many doors. Always check for the latest details and prices before deciding.

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