Why You Must Take Free Online Courses

Free online courses are the best way to educate yourself these days. Apart from having an active internet connection, you will educate yourself at no cost at all.

With the help of the internet these days, you can easily learn anything anywhere at a cheaper cost or absolutely free. All you have to do is to know what you actually want to learn and begin your search.

Are Free Online Courses Worth It?

I know you are already asking yourself if courses that are online free are worth your time. YES….. They might not pay off right from the beginning but they will definitely pay off.

You can not become the best in everything just by taking free courses but trust me, they definitely will build you a very strong foundation for you to build on.

All you have to do is to know what exactly you want to educate yourself on and start taking your courses.

Where To Get These Free Courses

These free courses online can be available anywhere online. YouTube is one of the major platforms that people find and take free courses. Most YouTubers create these mini-courses in small or little episodes and release them daily, weekly or monthly.

You can follow any of Youtubers who teach the particular thing you want to learn and take their courses. Most of them use the minicourses to advertise the course materials but some still do offer free courses just to get the following and views.

You can also get free courses from Udemy courses. Even though the platform is for paid courses, there are still some free courses on the platform that you can take. There are also other platforms that are available so you can easily google.

Which Courses Are Available?

The internet is really big you will be shocked what you can find on the internet. From field works to office works, IT, Engineering, anything you wish to learn, just name it.

Why You Must Take Free Online Courses

As you can see, I just searched “Carpentry” on the udemy platform and there are courses available to teach you how to master your craft as a carpenter. There so many courses available than you can ever imagine.

Suggestion: If you are choosing which online course to take, I suggest you take a course that will best support your school certificate or your career. Anything other than that could easily make you learn something that will not help in any way.

Do You Get Certificate?

You do get a printable certificate at the end of every course. Definitely not a Diploma or Degree but it is worth it. I remember adding my Udemy marketing course certificate to my portfolio during a job interview and it got really interesting when the interviewer realized that I have taken a marketing course.

If you have studied at school and have your school certificate, you will really go far adding supporting certificates from online courses.


There are free courses online for everyone. There are also paid courses but it is up to you to choose what you want to learn. If you have any question or suggestion, kindly leave a comment below.

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