How to Make Money with ChatGPT Telegram Bot

In this digital era, where technology continues to evolve at a rapid pace, new opportunities arise for individuals to capitalize on innovative solutions. One such opportunity is the ChatGPT Telegram bot, which not only provides an engaging conversational experience but also offers users the chance to earn money effortlessly through its referral program.

The ChatGPT Telegram bot is an AI tool that can have conversations like a human. It can talk about different topics, give information, and answer questions. Users can easily talk to the bot and get helpful responses.

It also has a unique referral program that allows users to make money online and that is exactly what we will be looking at in this article. Before you go further, take a quick look at the table of content below. You can click on any of the titles to jump to the particular article.

What is ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is an impressive AI created by OpenAI. It can understand and respond to different queries effectively. It has been useful in many areas, such as improving customer support and providing relevant information. These are areas where people are already utilizing this amazing AI for their money-making purposes.

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Another area where ChatGPT has particularly gained prominence is in the realm of content creation. With its vast knowledge base and linguistic prowess, the AI bot can help you create great content on various subjects. From blog posts to articles, it can generate engaging and informative content for your audience

What is the ChatGPT Telegram Bot?

The ChatGPT Telegram bot is an advanced chatbot powered by ChatGPT which works only on Telegram. With this chatbot, you have access to a range of functions compared to the original Open AI ChatGPT. You can upload files and get the bot to work with the files you upload.

While the original ChatGPT has no option for you to upload files, this one clearly has but is only limited to certain file formats.

How to make money with the ChatGPT Telegram bot.

Apart from using this bot to make money the same way you will make money with ChatGPT, there is an easier way to make make money with this both. Follow the procedure below to start making money with the ChatGPT Telegram Bot.

Before you go through this process, you must have an active Telegram account else it will not work.

  • Visit the AskYourTelegram bot via this link. Of course, this is my referral link and it comes with a lot of benefits when you use it to activate your bot. If you have an active Telegram account, then this should simply open in your Telegram app.
  • Type “/referrals” without the quotes and send. This will show your referral link and the number of referrals who signed up with your referral link.
How to make money with the ChatGPT Telegram bot

Simply share your referral link with your friends or anywhere you will get people using the ChatGPT Telegram bot. That is it. You will start earning what is known as the AYT token. This can be converted to Dollars and withdrawn.

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How to check your earnings

  • To check your earnings, open the chatbot and type “/wallet” without the quote. This will bring out your AYT wallet balance as well as how much it is worth when converted to Dollars.
AYT wallet 01
  • To withdraw your earnings, simply tap the “WITHDRAW BALANCE” button below your wallet balance to initiate the withdrawal process.

Proceed with your necessary payment information to receive your funds. You have $5.00 minim withdrawal limit so until you pass that, you can’t withdraw your funds.

How to get people to use this bot

One of the types of people who you might think will be difficult to convince will be those who already use ChatGPT but trust me, they are the easiest to convince. It completely depends on the approach.

Those who already use ChatGPT know how to use Chatbot and are craving more functionalities than ChatGPT has. On the other hand, the ChatGPT Telegram bot has even more features.

How do I know this? Because I am a user of both Chatbots.

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Extra features of the AskYourTelegram bot over ChatGPT

The AskYourTelegram bot does everything the ChatGPT does with the below-added features.

  • It supports file upload which makes it easier for you to upload your codes without copying long text to past in the chatbot.
  • This bot has the ability to export your conversation or just a selected part to a text file. This means that you do not have to copy the information it gives you. You just export and work with the file direct especially when you are using it for coding purposes.
  • You can make money directly by sharing your referral link. You don’t have to only use it to generate ideas for making money.

These are some major features ChatGPT lacks. Anyone who uses ChatGPT would love to use the AskYourTelegram bot because of these amazing features.


I will answer all questions you will have about this particular topic. If you have any question that has not been answered here, kindly leave it in the comment section and I will reply as early as possible.

Is this real?

Of course, it is real. One thing you must take note of is that this is an AI bot that will help you in many ways and with so many things so trying it is the one option to know if it is real. There is no way to determine if something is real without trying.

How many referrals do I need to make $5.00?

Since the bot pays you through its own token known as the “AYT”, it is not easy to calculate how many referrals will make $5.00. There are many factors involved in how much you earn per the people you refer.


The ChatGPT Telegram bot is like an upgraded version of the normal Open AI chatbot. With this one’s ability to work with uploaded files, it is even easier to use compared to the real ChatGPT.

You can easily make money by referring people to use this chatbot. I think this makes it even more interesting than the other similar bots.

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