How To Find The Cheapest Items On Aliexpress

Items on Aliexpress are quite cheaper than the items we buy on daily basis from the local supermarkets. Even though items here are already cheap, there is a way to find the same items at a very cheaper price than the ones that appeared in your search results.

In this new tutorial I will teach you how to find the cheapest items on aliexpress.

Before I will start with this, I am assuming that by now, you know how to shop on Aliexpress and you have shopped once or more on Aliexpress already.

How to find the cheapest items

You must have an active aliexpress account and logged in either on your PC or phone. If you are logged in, search for the product by typing in your product’s name in the search bar. Check the screenshot below.

In this case I am searching for ‘smartphones‘.

Search Results
Search Results

As you can see, I have not narrow down my search so there are lots of smartphones with different prices in my result.

I’m going to narrow my search down to see phones from only Samsung. I don’t have specific models in mind since I’m only looking for the cheapest smartphones from this popular brand.

To do that, locate the filter bar and click on the brand you want to search’s logo. If you don’t have any brand in mind, you can just leave it and continue to the next step. Check the screenshot below.

Filter search results by brand
Filter search results by brand

As you can see, the search is showing only search results for Samsung smartphones but there are too many Samsung phones in the results for me to be browsing for cheapest one so I have to narrow it further. This works for any product. You might not be searching for smartphones but just follow the procedure.

The maximum I want to spend on purchasing the Samsung smart phone is USD $200 but I don’t want to spend less than $50 So I’m going to input that in the filter.

Filtering by price
Filtering by price

As you can see, I have input my price range in the minimum and maximum range input box. The results are now showing only Samsung smartphones between $50 and $200. Maybe the product you are searching for is way less than the price of mine. Just put in the minimum you would like to spend on that product or leave it empty and input the maximum you would like to spend on the product.

Somebody will ask why I checked the ‘Free shipping‘ check box.

I checked that box because I don’t want to spend an extra dollar on my maximum. This step will remove some products that could have been cheaper than the ones in the search results tho.

To get the best results of cheapest product, I can just reduce my maximum to $170 and uncheck the ‘Free shipping’. That means I am assuming shipping will cost around $20 to $30.

The next thing I’m going to do is to sort all the items in the results by showing the cheapest ones first. See screenshot below.

sort by cheapest first
sort by cheapest first

Click on the price tab in front of the ‘Sort by‘ section to show the cheapest items first.

Browse through the products and choose the one that fits your needs. Note that if you are buying gadgets like ‘smartphones’, some of the phones on Aliexpress especially the branded ones are refurbished so check to be sure about the condition of the item you are buying.

Check the condition of what you are buying
Check the condition of what you are buying

So now that we have found the cheapest products, the only thing that is left is to make a purchase. If you don’t know how to shop on Aliexpress yet, I have written an article on that early.

Are Aliexpress cheap products safe?

Because of the myth surrounding cheap products, a lot of people have doubts in cheap products being it from online or from the local supermarket.

I believe that the price of a product doesn’t determine it’s quality in any way but on Aliexpress, I can’t say cheap products are safe nor can I say they are not safe.

Aliexpress as a whole shopping website is safe including everything that is being sold but people are always in doubt of what is fake and what is original. Even though people can create imitations of almost everything on the market, there is always a way to identify what is original and what is the imitated version.

The only thing I will say when shopping on aliexpress is to know what you are buying. If you care more about quality, then don’t just purchase random items but rather items that you know are from popular brands. Such items are sure the original products because popular companies make sure to clear and sue people who imitate their products on the market.

The next thing you should also be doing is reading Feedback from other buyers. That step is very important. If a buyer had a very bad experience purchasing from a specific seller, there is no doubt they will share their bad experience in the sellers feedback.

The seller cannot delete or edit the Feedback given by any customer So if the buyers are saying the products are fake, then you should know that the products are actually fake. With all these in mind, I think there is absolutely nothing to worry about when making a purchase on Aliexpress.

The only thing you should be careful of is when choosing your shipping method. It is not every thing that you have to ship through Aliexpress Standard Shipping.

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