How to Easily Create an eZaga NSFAS Account

Are you an NSFAS applicant? Learn how to easily create eZaga NSFAS account so you can cash out your funds easily.

Are you a South African student looking for financial assistance to further your education? The National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) can be a great resource, and creating an Ezaga NSFAS account is the next step towards securing funding for your studies.

In this simple guide, I will walk you through the process of creating your eZaga NSFAS account step-by-step as well as how to withdraw your funds easily. By understanding how to use this amazing platform, you will be on your way to getting easy access to your NSFAS funds.

What is an eZaga NSFAS account?

Before we begin, let’s briefly explain what an eZaga NSFAS account is. eZaga is a fintech company in South Africa, and NSFAS is a government-funded program that provides financial aid to South African students.

The eZaga platform is now one of the major platforms for withdrawing NSFAS funds. That is why the account creation process is necessary. It is an account you will create you will create on the eZaga platform that will link to your NSFAS account so you can easily withdraw your funds.

With this in mind, let us look at how to create the account.

How to create eZaga account

Now that we know what eZaga is, let us quickly check the procedures for creating an account. It is a simple procedure and you should follow through till the end.

Application requirements

Below are the requirements you must meet before creating your eZaga account. Note that you must have first applied to NSFAS via the NSFAS student portal before you start creating your eZaga account. Check the requirements below.

  • Must have NSFAS application approved.
  • Valid student ID Number
  • Active email address
  • Active phone number

If you have all these things ready, then you can follow the procedure below to start creating your account.


  • Visit the official eZaga website ( You should land on a page similar to the one in the image below.
  • Click on “NSFAS Account” from the navigation link as indicated in the above image. This will get you to the NSFAS account page. It should look similar to the one in the image below.
  • When you scroll down a bit, you should see the “Register Now” button as indicated in the screenshot above. Click on it and you should land on the eZaga portal which looks similar to the one in the image below.

Follow through the process, providing all the necessary information that the system will require of you. After creating your eZaga NSFAS account, it will be linked to your NSFAS account if your account has been approved.

You can also check the NSFAS status using an earlier guide I wrote to make sure your account has been fully approved. If your account has been disapproved, you can also go through the NSFAS appeal procedure to appeal your application. If you have been asked to submit some documents, I have also written a full guide about how to upload documents on NSFAS.

How to withdraw from eZaga NSFAS account

The major purpose of the eZaga NSFAS account is to make it very easy for you to access your funds. Being able to withdraw your funds with ease is very important here.

The eZaga platform has two major ways you can withdraw your funds. Below are the ways you can withdraw.

  1. ATM: You are given a Mastercard that allows you to withdraw from any POS or ATMs that accept Mastercard across South Africa.
  2. Zaga Zone: You can also withdraw money at all Zaga Zones across the country.

The eZaga platform gives you some of the best withdrawal fees in the market so you save more on withdrawals.

If you are not a fan of the eZaga platform, you can also try the Coinvest NSFAS account. It is an amazing platform with a Coinvest app to help make transactions even easier. You can withdraw your NSFAS funds via Coinvest.


How do I register for eZaga account?

1. Visit the official eZaga website (
2. Click on the “NSFAS Account” tab
3. Enter your student ID Number (must be the same ID you used for NSFAS account)
4. Enter a password.
5. You will receive a One-Time-Password (OTP) to your registered mobile number during the process.
6. Log into your eZaga account with the OTP password.

How long does it take for eZaga to transfer money?

When transferring money between eZaga accounts, you should expect the money to be credited to the recipient’s account instantly. In some rare cases, it could take up to 2 days for the recipient’s account to get credited especially when transferring to other non-eZaga accounts.


The process for creating eZaga account is very easy. However, pay rapt attention to the entire process so you do not make mistakes. You should also know that you can withdraw your funds from any ATM or eZaga Zones across South Africa.

If you have any questions or suggestions, kindly leave them in the comment section and I will reply as early as possible.

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