Fraser High School Review – What You Must Know

Fraser high school known earlier as Hamilton Technical College is one of the many high schools in New Zealand. Have you heard anything about this school yet? Do you want to send your child there or do you just want to know what is inside there?

About Fraser High School

Since you cannot know the future without knowing a bit about the history of the school, it is just right to tell you a bit about Fraser high’s history.

The school was established in 1920 as Hamilton Technical Day School which was later changed to Hamilton Technical College.

Somewhere, in 1970 the school moved to its current location and rebranded as Fraser High School. Naming the school after its first principal Mr. Whampoa Fraser. The school is now located at 72 Ellicott Road, Hamilton, New Zealand.

Admission And Courses

The school is a state co-educational admitting from year 9 to year 15 currently with a bit over 1,400 students. There is room for international students. But understanding English is important to get admission into this school.

Subjects include English Language, Mathematics, Science, Social Science, Technology, Physical Education, Arts, Vocational Learning, Aiga Tasi and there is A Teen Parenting Unit (He Puaawai).

There is also an adult and community education unit offering Business And Career, Food and Cooking, Photography, Arts, Computing, Language, Gardening, Lifestyle Plus, Music and Dance, Practical Learning, Weekend Classes, School Holiday Classes And Online Courses (BEEKEEPING And XERO Accounting).

Fraser High School Facilities

Similar to any other school, this school has a medical facility that treat students when the need arises. There is guidance and careers department.

There is also a Teen Parent unit and Fraiser’s Little Feet Childcare Centre.
A new technical block is in progress which will accomodate subjects like soft and hard fabrics, catering and automotive.

The school is a day school therefore, there are no boarding facilities to accommodate boarders.

Contact details

Location: 72 Ellicott Road, Hamilton

Postal Address: P O Box 15121, Hamilton, 3243

School telephone: 07-8479044

Fax number: 07-8479054

Email: [email protected]


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