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The Auckland University of Technology acceptance rate is really high compared to other tertiary institutions. According to available data, the acceptance rate is at 50% which means five out of every ten applications are considered.

Even though this is the acceptance rate, there are other things that you must know about the University acceptance rate. The University takes so many things into consideration when processing your application which is why I am going to tell you what goes into the AUT acceptance rate.

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The Auckland University of Technology Acceptance Rate

As I said in the introduction, the Auckland University of Technology acceptance rate is at 50%. It is also one of the highest acceptance rates for a tertiary institution of its calibre.

Since one can file multiple applications, the probability of getting admission to AUT is very high. I am going to give you tips to help you raise your chances of getting admission even higher.

Even though the AUT acceptance rates are very good, there are things you must know which will help you not to even worry about the acceptance rate.

One of the major things to do to make your application successful is to simply make sure you meet the University Entrance(UE).

Meeting AUT University Entrance (UE)

Meeting the minimum University Entrance (UE) requirement is key to getting your application through. The minimum requirements are compulsory and you couldn’t gain entry without meeting them.

While other requirements are totally based on which type of certification you are using for entry, there are others that are compulsory no matter the certificate.

I have listed a few of the requirements below.

  • There is a minimum English Language literacy requirement.
  • Numeracy requirements
  • You also need a minimum GPA

There are some course-specific requirements but at the moment, let us look at only the listed minimum requirements. You should also check my article on the Auckland University of Technology application to know the specific course requirements. The literacy and numeracy requirements are also available there.

Auckland University of Technology Acceptable GPA Score

Grade Point Average (GPA) is one of the things that cause lots of headaches when applying to the University. In New Zealand, GPA is calculated by multiplying the grade point achieved by the number of points for the course.

In most schools, the grading scale uses the numbers 1 to 9 for GPA where 1 is E and 9 is A+. You can use the Auckland University of Technology grading scale to calculate your GPA.

If you have a GPA of 5 and above, that is acceptable by the Auckland University of Technology. However, having between 3.5 to 4.5 might be low but you can still gain entry.

For international students applying to the Auckland University of Technology from Vietnam, the minimum GPA is 8.0. It is compulsory else you might not gain entry to study at AUT.

How AUT Process Applications

Knowing how the Auckland University of Technology processes your applications will let you know exactly what fuels the acceptance rate. This method is also used by most Universities in the world.

I will make a checklist of the process your application goes through below in a step-by-step order.

  • First of all, sorting applications by course is key to knowing what you are dealing with.
  • Next, the first applications to arrive will get the chance of passing through the process first. That is why the time you file your application is very important.
  • From there, the application goes through the minimum requirements check. It means at this point, if the filter catches your application, your chances of getting admission will get lower.
  • Next, the application goes through the available space filter. At this point, the spaces available for the particular course are key here. There is only one of two things that could help you here. Either file your application on time or have better grades.

In most universities, if there are more applications than spaces available in the selected course, they give you a different offer. This offer becomes a choice you can decide to make or not.

If there is less space than applications, the university then uses the “first come, first served” theory to process the applications. There are other Universities that might give admission to the most qualified applicant in this case instead.

I have written a full article on how to file your Auckland University of Technology application.

Auckland University of Technology FAQs

I know you have a few questions about the topic that you want answers to. I will gladly answer them below. However, if you have further questions, don’t hesitate to use the comments box.

What is the Auckland University of Technology acceptance rate?

The Auckland University of Technology acceptance rate is 50% or simply 5/10. It means five out of every ten applications will be successful. That is really high considering other university acceptance rates.

Is it easy to get into AUT?

It is very easy to get into the Auckland University of Technology because there is a 50% chance of successful application. Since one person can file multiple applications, consider it fairly easy to get into.
Another thing that makes it even easier is the fact that the University uses almost the same criteria every other University uses in the country for accepting applicants.

What is the Acceptable GPA Score for AUT?

The acceptable GPA score for the Auckland University of Technology is 5 or above. However, if you have a GPA score between 3.5 to 4.5, the University might still consider you through other means.

Is the Auckland University of Technology Good?

The Auckland University of Technology is one of the best tertiary institutions in New Zealand. There are other key factors that make it the best University in the country and the world at large.

1. AUT is the Number One (1) Glabal Research Impact University for Australia.

2. It is also the Number One (1) Internatioal Outlook University for New Zealand.

3. The University is ranked among the Top 250 in the World by Times Higher Educantion World University Rankings. The University places #201.

4. AUT is ranked number 51 in the Asia-Pacific University Rankings.

5.The University has also received 5 star ranking from QS world university rankings organisation.

All these facts certify the Auckland University of Technology as one of the best universities in the country.

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