How To Add Free RSS Subscription Button With Jetpack

Jetpack has been around for a while and they never stop doing everything possible to help WordPress users at all.

It is one of the many plugins wordpress blogs can’t run without. Their latest feature includes a wordpress rss subscription widget.

Most people pay huge amount of money just to get a subscription widget on their site but with this latest update of Jetpack, there is already RSS feed subscriber widget in it. You don’t need to create any external RSS subscriber accounts like we use to do with feedburner or mailchimp. All you have to do is just go into your widget and add the widget to your sidebar. Everything you need is already set.

Jetpack provides many features that you can’t get from other plugins. You can create multilingual site with a Jetpack plugin. There are so many things you can do with Jetpack plugin and the latest one is the RSS widget.

Check the screenshot below to see how you can simply add RSS widget to your blog.

Jet pack

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