5 Apps You Need To Make Yourself A Smartphone Genius

Smartphone is here to stay and day in day out, new apps are released on google play store which some of them are just junks from people who think they can make quick money on ads.

I have been using an android smartphone for a while now and I know some few apps that do the trick and not full of junk ads like some of those apps that show you adverts more than ten times before it even finish installing.

Sometimes , I just do few things on my phone and people go ‘wow!’. It is quiet amazing how people think I am a smartphone genius when the truth actually is the fact that I know which apps do the tricks.

Here, I have five apps that I use for the tricks.

1. Monect PC Remote

Have you ever imagined operating your PC accurately from about 100 meters away, projecting your phone’s screen to your PC or Copying files from your PC without the use of a data cable? What about using your smartphone as a gaming pad?

Sounds Awesome!… Right?

This app can help use your smartphone as a mouse, keyboard, game pad, projector and you can transfer files from your PC to phone without the use of any data cable.

You will need two versions of the app to make this happen.

Download here for your PC>>>Monect PC Remote for PC

Download the phone version on google play store>>>Monect for android

2. Phone Master

App lock, battery saver, call manager and phone speed booster all in one simple app.

Sometimes it annoys me when I take a friend’s phone and a separate app lock, separate battery saver app, separate call manager and separate phone speed booster. Crap!… too many apps.

This doesn’t only make your phone screen full with junk apps, it also makes you use up your app storage quicker.

Download Phone Master Here

It comes on Tecno Camon CX pre-installed

3. Vidmate

Most people ask me about how to download videos from YouTube on their phone. For that, I gave a tutorial on How to download videos from YouTube on your phone.

That was a great way I use to download videos on my phone back then but now that I have found this app, downloading videos from YouTube have been better. According to research, downloading videos from YouTube is against Google’s app policies so this particular app is not on the Google play store.

You can download the APK version here… >>> Vidmate APK

4. Recharge King

I don’t remember the last time I typed my recharge card digits on my phone. The only thing I always do is scratch my card and use this simple light weight app to scan the digits and everything is ready.

You can download it here>>> Recharge King.

This app also come Pre-installed on my Tecno Camon CX.

5. GBoard

You wan’t to type without pressing your phone, just talking for the phone to type by itself, this is the app you need. Most apps on the Google play store do promise this but you end up downloading chunks of ads.

This app was developed by google and is exactly as described. You can do all the typing with your voice, change the theme and even type numbers with it.

You can download this app from google play store here>>> Gboard

These are few apps I use to and they are awesome. You can add up to my list by suggesting an app in the comment box. I will test it and add to the list above.

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