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How To Fix iLife ZED Air Keyboard And Mouse

If you landed on this page then you definitely have a problem with an iLife ZED Air pro or any other series of the iLife notebooks.  What happened? 

Ok! So you tried making some BIOS changes for your laptop and after saving your settings, keyboard stopped responding, touch pad is no longer working, you are unable to enter BIOS settings as well. 

It is quiet annoying when this thing first happened to me. I looked for solutions online for a whole week and non of the solutions online was close to helping. I was so pissed I felt like breaking the laptop into pieces and giving it a new resting place in the garbage can. Then I realized I have not taken time to diagnose the problem by myself.  I asked myself some few questions.

Why is the keyboard and touch-pad not working? 

The keyboard stopped working because of a change I made to the BIOS settings and saved it. Any change that you save in the BIOS settings is not saved in the computer memory but rather, to the BIOS chip of the computer. 

How do you reset the BIOS?

You can simply reset the BIOS by simply cutting all powers that help the BIOS chip store its data. One of the most common way most computer manufacturers power the BIOS is to use CMOS battery which saves and stores the BIOS data. 

Then comes another problem. The iLife ZED Air Pro G I was trying to reset the BIOS for is more like a tablet than a laptop. It is a full tablet. No processor fans, no CMOS battery and it is powered by a battery which is charged by 5V DC adapter. 

Disconnecting the main battery from the motherboard didn’t give it any effect after I turned it on. Then I decided to use what is called;

Brute Force BIOS Reset

This is highly technical so if you are not technically inclined, don’t try this. Also opening the laptop at the first place will void your warranty so it is highly recommended that if you are experiencing problems with your laptop, you send it to manufacturer’s service center for proper fixing and to save yourself some money. 

In resetting the BIOS chip with brute force, you will need  tweezers, screw driver or even a pocket knife will do. 

Locate the BIOS chip on the board. With mine, I was using iLife ZED Air Pro G and it has two BIOS chip. The main chip and a backup one but I couldn’t tell which one is the main chip and which one is the backup one so I decided to try with only one of them. 

This is how you go about it. 

After locating the BIOS chip, locate pins 1234 and bridge with the tweezers, screwdriver or pocket knife. To be on the safer side, let the power off, disconnect the battery, disconnect the charger before you do that and after bridge, press and hold the power button for 1 minute. 

Fix battery back and power the laptop. Press your keys to see if it will work. If it didn’t work, repeat the steps again this time around, bridge pins “5678” if this didn’t work as well, then you should locate the other BIOS chip and do the same thing. Hopefully one of them will work. 

That is how I did mine and it was working fine after. 

I hope this tutorial will help somebody solve their problem.

Disclaimer: I do not work for iLife or any other manufacturing company. I only work for myself and all these that I have published here are just results of my technical experiments. These are not what manufacturers recommend they are my findings or results of my own technical experiments so if you are trying this, then you are trying it at your own risk. 

If you have a faulty gadget, I suggest you send it to your manufacturer’s service centre for proper servicing especially if you  have a valid warranty from the manufacturer. 

For suggestions and questions, please leave a comment below.

37 thoughts on “How To Fix iLife ZED Air Keyboard And Mouse”

      1. hi, sir.. i encounter to my zed-air laptop keyboard, mouse and usb port not functioning.. but it show my windows 10 boot up completely and see my desktop..

    1. Slimzy DeOriginal

      Ok… I will plead with you to visit the LifeDigital website…. This their Store locator Link and you should locate their store near you. If you couldn’t find one near you, then try contacting them by yourself… They reply within 24hours…. Use their Contact Form

  1. hello, I own a zedbook which is 2 in 1 tab and laptop. it just fell of my hand and now its touchscreen does not work and it is just a laptop now. plus its keyboard. also doesn’t connect to my screen. I am just using on screen keyboard to use it with my mouse connected to. please can you help me .

  2. Hi
    I’ve tried you instruction for my i life zed air(single bios chip) but it didn’t work and my keyboard and mouse still doesn’t work. Do you have any other advice or soloution? You are my last hope.

    1. hi I’ve also tried the instruction and it didn’t work so tying a little experiment I came with shorthing 5678 pin while the laptop battery is plug in then hold the power button for about 1 min it won’t open and that’s a good sign then after that remove the battery and wait for 30secs then connect the battery and open it that’s how I recover my ZED AIR bios

  3. Hello,
    Youghut poured on my zed Air H keyboad which contains the power button. I tried powering it and it is not powering on. Any help please

    1. On a normal basis, if any liquid pours on your laptop, you have to disassemble it and dry it and reassemble before you power it. If you can’t disassemble, then you have to let the experts do that for you.

  4. How to stop my zed air plus laptop from discharging battery after shutdown and how to disable the USB on the right hand side from charging devices like phone after shutdown..

    1. if you shutdown your laptop, it is not supposed to discharge. If you put it to sleep based on your BIOS settings, it will discharge and can even be used to charge other devices including phones.
      I will advise you to make sure your laptop shuts down completely before you close the lid. And also enter your BIOS settings, there is a power option to disable the USB Port from charging other devices when in sleep mode.

  5. Sir,
    How can i install zed air firmware in my laptop?
    My laptop model is Zed Air Lite IL,1106.232GB.GWAAEG.

    I try winpe86auto its not working.
    Then i try winpe64auto
    Whenever i run the command main.cmd
    Its format my pendrive and installing windows.
    plzzz help..

  6. Hi good day, I have i life zed air plus but the laptop wont switch on , power is fine also normal power on the board itself can it be the keyboard ?

  7. Hi Good day when i plug in the charger a blue light comes on was red previously, but when i press the power on button on the keyboard nothing happens

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