How To Make GH₵5.00 Everyday By Signing Up For Chipper Cash

This is the best way to send or receive funds to/from other countries easily and make some cool cash alongside. It is all made easy with Chipper Cash.

What Is Chipper Cash?

This is an app used in transferring money from one point to the other. The app supports cross-country transactions and Foreign transactions as well.

You can transfer funds from Kenya, Nigeria, Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda to Ghana using this app.

How It Works

After downloading and signing up for the app, you get to link your mobile money wallet to the account created for and that is how you fund the account or withdraw money incase someone sends you some.

The best part of this app is; as soon as you sign up, you get GHC 0.20. If you sign up using this link. You will get GHC 5.00 bonus if you make your first transaction.

How To Make Money With This App.

The Chipper Cash app has this referral program where you can refer people to signup for this wonderful app and get paid.

To make some money, first all you have to download the app using this link. Using my link simply puts you on the verge of making your first GHc 5.00

The next step is for you to increase your limit by verifying your Identity. After signing up, just click on “My Profile” and select “Increase Limit”. You will be asked to select the ID you would like to use after that the app will open your camera for you to take a photo of the ID Card.

The next step is to share your referral link with all your friends for you to start making your money.

In conclusion, aside the fact that you will be sending, receiving and making payments on the side, you will also be making a few Cedis for airtime purchases and others.

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