The New Facebook Layout And What You Must Know

Facebook rolls out a new design with Dark theme for it’s web interface. This new Facebook layout is in beta mode however you can count on me to show you how to navigate and what you should expect.

Why The New Interface

Basically, everybody around the globe wants to embrace some kind of change and Facebook is also meant to change in the near future. It is something that happens everywhere. LOL…. Just saying what I think.

This is the main reasons why.

  1. To provide easy navigation around the entire site and your personal dashboard.
  2. To provide awesome experience without causing harm to your eyes. That is the reason for the Dark theme and larger font sizes than the usual.
  3. To increase the loading speed of the website as whole and trust me, it is more faster than the usual speed.

What You should Expect In The New Facebook layout And It’s Facebook Dark Theme

I will note point by point what you should expect in the new layout. Below is the screenshot of how the new layout looks like.

the new facebook layout
The New Facebook Layout

As you can see, there are so many changes in the look of the page. The search box is smaller and all of the many bulky icons and texts on the ribbon have now been categorized under menus, making it neat and clean.

Pages, groups, saved items and others are categorized in the left pane neatly and colourful. The middle is your timeline as usual and the right pane shows notifications and chat list as usual. It is very simple to hide and start chats with this new interface.

How To Switch To New Facebook Interface

You can easily switch to the new interface by clicking the dropdown arrow at the top-right corner on the menus bar and select “Switch to New Facebook” from the dropdown list.

How to activate new facebook layout and facebook dark theme
How To Switch To New Facebook Interface

The New Facebook Dark Theme

How to activate new facebook layout and facebook dark theme 1

The dark doesn’t change the interface. It only changes the white back ground to dark. Reducing the concentration too much light from your screen.

To activate the facebook dark theme, simply click the dropdown icon on the menus bar, turn on the button next to “Dark Mode”. Just repeat the process to turn it “Off”.

How to turn on facebook dark theme

If you want to switch back to the old layout, just click the dropdown icon again and select “Switch to Classic Facebook” that is it.


The new layount and the Facebook dark mode basically makes me feel they think alot about their visitors. It is an awesome feature for me. How about you?

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