NLA Lotto Scam – Scammer Exposed With Screenshots

In the quest to get rich quick, most of us young ones turn to many smarter ways of making money. Lottery is one of those many ways. However, there are people out there taking advantage of the whole system to dupe others. There is an ongoing NLA Lotto scam that you must beware of so you don’t fall victim.

The Process Flow

The scammers have this system that they will take you through and by the time you are out, they have taken more money from you than you were expecting to earn.

Their system starts with one single message. Check the sample screenshot below.

Screenshot 2020 03 30 at 10.55.26 PM

These are the systems they put in place before sending out that message.

  • They create a WhatsApp group and add members to make the group look so real. (Almost all members are part of their team)
  • They put few people in an imaginative office. Meaning they have the Boss, Secretary, etc meanwhile, they don’t have any physical office.
  • They have an active graphic designer in place.

The Lotto Scam

If you see the messages they post on social media with their fake accounts, you will end up joining their WhatsApp group or contacting the number in the message directly.

Some of them will charge a small fee not more than Ghc30.00 before adding you to their WhatsApp group or giving you the numbers to stake. Oh! Don’t be deceived, they won’t give you the numbers. They will stake it for you at their end. The person will convince you enough to make you believe he works at the NLA office.

By the close of the day, you will receive your ‘Congratulations message‘.

lottery scam
Take note of the image in the screenshot.

Take a good look at the image in the screenshot above. I will drop the original image from the chat with screenshots of the chat below this post.

They will add you to a group were there are quiet some number of people. Basically, this group contains their team and few other people who have not been duped yet. Every few minutes, one of them will post a fake testimony to keep you on your toes.

After receiving the congratulations message, then you will be asked which MobileMoney number you would like to receive your money. When you provide the number, he will give you feedback that you have not received huge sums of money into the account before so the system is unable to payout.

The next step of action is for you to purchase an expansion card that will be used to lift your limit so you can receive the payment. The cost of this card varies for every victim but is nothing less than Ghc 400.00.

As soon as you send that money, probably you might get removed from the group and blocked on all platforms.

Check the screenshots below to understand exactly how they do it.


There is nothing like free meal so becareful what you subscribe to. Even tho some of these things are real, there are others that are not real. Play smart and play safe.

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  1. Does it suggest that they collected monies without staking or they stake and take everything after winning?

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